Generator wiring question

Help with some electrical configuration please.

I am converting a 1968 Scottie Highlander camper into a mobile coffee house. We have stripped the inside and rebuild cabinets and plumbing and run 12 guage wire to all the outlets with 20A outlets and breakers in the service panel. We need to power the panel with a Honda EU7000is generator. The generator has a 30A 240V service option. I have an espresso machine that uses 220A service, everything else is 110A.

If I use a 30A 4 prong to 50A RV Adapter with the generator setting on 240V, can I generate 120V service down each leg of the electrical panel? Is there a safety concern doing this?


Getting an electrician to check and help you with this system would be a great idea .

I agree. Better safe than sorry :slight_smile:

Before you spend too much on conversion, make sure you check your state and local regulations for food truck operation. States vary but some have gotten really, I mean REALLY picky, about what must be done for a mobile food truck conversion to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars of upgrades, safety, and health requirements. Good luck.

Thanks guys. Two electricians are looking at it and it should work. Just have to be aware of peak usage. We have owned a restaurant before and you are correct, get the regulations FIRST. Good input and advice. Will keep everyone posted on how it goes.