Georgia to License Home Inspectors ?

The Capitol Report: Georgia House Passes Bill to License Home Inspectors

By District 7 Representative David Ralston
[size=1]Published Mar 18, 2008 E-mail Print

Home buyers in Georgia can buy with greater confidence if a bill approved by the Georgia House of Representatives last week becomes law.
House Bill 1217 would bring higher standards and professionalism to the home inspection business in the state.
Home inspectors in Georgia are currently unlicensed and have no enforceable professional code or standards. Anyone desiring to get into the business can simply declare themselves to be home inspectors and do business.
Both consumers and contractors rely on home inspectors to inspect and give opinions on the condition of a building, its components and operation of the building systems.
This legislation will also do several important things. First, it creates a State Licensing Board of Home Inspectors. This board will be given the authority to establish minimum qualifications for becoming a licensed home inspector and to enforce the standards adopted. Second, the bill establishes guidelines for minimum eligibility in terms of education, experience, and character. Third, the bill establishes examination requirements and provides for on-going professional training.
The bill also requires that licensed home inspectors carry liability insurance.
The members of the House of Representatives were also mindful of the multitude of problems created by the contractor licensing law passed a few years ago. We built in an 18-month period for those seeking to be licensed as home inspectors. We are also committed to seeing that the board is adequately staffed and trained so that we do not experience the nightmares of delay, confusion, and uncertainty which hit contractors trying to be licensed.
North Georgia has been and will soon again be in a busy growth mode in the housing industry. New and not so new homes will be purchased both by those who have lived here all their lives as well as those who just moved here from another part of Georgia or another state. All buyers who desire to engage home inspectors before purchase should be entitled to rely on a professional and competent job.
I supported this important bill because I believe it is just good business. I appreciate the help and input received from home inspectors in North Georgia who I know to be honest and professional. Home inspectors who care about their business and its reputation supported this bill.
It is my hope that the Georgia State Senate will act to approve this bill and that it will be signed into law by the Governor.
The 2008 session of the General Assembly will be in session this week through Thursday. We will adjourn and observe Good Friday and allow members to go home to be with their families for Easter.
My best wishes to each of you for a joyous and wonderful celebration of Easter.
It is an honor to represent you in the Georgia House of Representatives. Please call on me when I can be of service to you. During the session you can reach me by phone at (404) 656-594



The ASHI model…same one we just shot down in Missouri.

An autonomous licensing board whose members are appointed by the governor (in fact, already identified and promised seats before the bill was even proposed) who will decide everything.

Terrible bill, but I understand that home inspectors in Georgia have already agreed to drop their knickers.

I have written letters to my state senator and representative of which neither have bothered to respond. No suprise from the senator as he was a sponsor.

Makes me sick that I voted for both of these jerks!

Your so cute. :roll: And so knowledgable, who wouldn’t want a Bushtart backing them.

Thanks for the info. Roy! :slight_smile: