Georgia's HB

House Bill 1217 - licensure for July 2009.

It cost me $7,000.00 to get ASHI deleted from it.

That’s nice, but…

Once there is a law, the process of amending it to accommodate a special interest is little more than a sentence or two added to another bill, discreetly, and sometimes without even a vote from the legislature.

For instance, in Kansas, the trial lawyers have quietly agreed to the real estate sales lobby to keep quiet until their bill becomes law. In the following session, in return, the RE lobby will support their push for mandatory E&O and a five year liability.

Enacting a bill and turning it into law is only the FIRST step of the process of putting home inspectors under the control of whatever special interest group it is pushing the bill.

The best way to keep ASHI out of control is to defeat the entire bill.

Has this bill been voted on yet by the GA general assembly?

Did it cost you or Nachi?

Me. You’d die laughing if I told you who I hired to fix the legislation.

I could use a good laugh…It’s been a cold day.

ASHI’s lobbyist.

He did a nice job. Association-neutral now.


Was it Shannon?

No, it’s Tom Bauer.

Shannon Cory is ASHI’s GA Pres I think. There is a PIC of him dancing on a table at

See post #4. Is this a done deal?

No. What is a done deal is that ASHI has been removed from the original legislation… it isn’t law yet.

Thanks Nick. The done deal part is good :wink:

Passed the House on 3/7/2008. Goes to the Senate next. House bill 1217 passed 122-25.

Sorry to hear that! :mad: :frowning: :roll:

Licensing solves nothing!! There are always going to be good and bad home inspectors. Licensing is not a cure and the general public is not begging for licensing of home inspectors anyways.

Bill has passed house and is now senate bill 485