"Get a Life"... Robert Young...

You post FALSE accusations like this B-u-l-l-s-h-i-t on my public profile and I will reply in kind!!!


What’s really (m)(s)addening is that this individual is bringing down the CMI at the same time as attacking everyone else for poor behaviour.


InterNACHI code of Ethics

III. Duty to the Profession and to InterNACHI
3. The InterNACHI member shall not engage in any act or practice that could be deemed damaging, seditious or destructive to InterNACHI, fellow InterNACHI members, InterNACHI employees, leadership or directors. Accusations of a member acting or deemed in violation of such rules shall trigger a review by the Ethics Committee for possible sanctions and/or expulsion from InterNACHI.

Certified Master Inspector Code of Ethics

  1. Duty to the Profession and to Other Certified Master Inspectors®
    c. The Certified Master Inspector® will not engage in any act or practice that could be deemed damaging, seditious or destructive to fellow Certified Master Inspectors®.

Posting stuff like this on someone’s public profile goes way beyond the lines normally crossed on this forum. Epic fail of the COE in both cases I would say.

JJ don’t stoop to his level. You are better than that.

Thanks for your words.
My post was simply to inform that I will not sit back and take his BS, and that I will post every attack in the public view for all to see. I went through this crap with Cooke, and and have no problem doing it with Young.

How about your Visitor Messages ?

I had a screen grab posted, but shortly afterwards, it changed to that “box with an X in it” thing. I assumed someone at Nachi “moderated” it. So, I posted the link to my profile (which is public) so anyone should be able to click it to view it. Feel free to post a scan if you can. See how long it stays up for you, as you’re an uninvolved third party.

Shows who the online stalker / bully / harasser really is. He should report himself to the RCMP.

Len, please tell me about the first chapters.
Let him speak everyone.

Mr. Inkster.
1: Tell everyone about the many Ontario memberless chapters.

Then KW affair.

You stalked Kevin Wood over to InspectionNews.
I thought they kicked you off the MB. That is what I heard.

Then the issues with Roy Cooke.
You even called me saying thank you for keeping your distance.

Please, if you want to hear the TRUTH let Len talk.

Len, I am all yours, but will stop posting is bullies and stalkers like Jonas come in.
I will being making him a priority.
From day one and now counting 7 years.

Everyone’s decision.

I hope you take me up on it Len. The 6th grader here, remember?

As for what I think you are capable of, Please do me the honor and answer the first question TRUTHFULLY.

Awaiting your reply.


You continue to accuse people of doing things and than apologizing later when you find out you are wrong.

You need to check your facts before posting your BS about other members.

Once again you break the COE with your actions

Have a Great Day

Can you tell us about your memberless chapter?

How about you accusing Gilles of taking all your ideas.

All this is in the archives would you like it posted?

Thank you for coming to the open section.

Jim, let Len talk please.
Best regards.

There are archives.
Your point?

Everyone wishes to pick on one guy, me, after Jeffrey Jonas, whom I rightfully accused of stalking me throughout InterNACHI for 7 years, comes to the Canadian open members sections to steer the pot.

Also appears like a collaboration is underfoot.

1: I have nothing to be afraid of.
2: I am not right all the time.
3: I am not perfect.
4: I apologize. ***Even if it is half way the effort is made.

A BOD emailed me, ME,I believe he is a board member, asking me for How about an open apology.
So sorry I am trying.

Yourself, jim?

Until then, have a good day.

Awaiting Leonard to start from the beginning on the open MB.
I ask everyone once again, please do not post because it will be you that prohibits an open discussion between two members.


You do not get it.

You keep asking people about things that are none of your business

When you are asked the same type of questions you do not ANSWER.

Do you get it yet?

If you have issues with Len you should send him a private message.

1: I get it Jim.
2: While some may agree, others may not.
3: No sir, that is your opinion.
4: Please refer to #1

Let’s see now?

1: Len keeps saying I am lying, Jim.

2: Jim keeps on stopping Len from answering for himself, or Jim is in communications with Lnn, which is all good, don’t get me wrong.

3: Yes some harsh words have been said between two parties, maybe even more.

4: This can all be cleared up if we uncover the whole story.
I am willing to do so admitting my guilt on the open section.

A: As well Jim, Jeffrey Jonas came to the open section Canadian Home Inspectors stalking me.

I did and he posted them.

Your point being?

4: Leonard posted twice.
What he remarks about the CMI he sure felt differently several months back.
Hope that remains.
Be a good thing.

So if we start at the beginning, and he answers 1 question, I will be happy to move right along.
If not, that is Ok as well.

I understand Leonard is angry.
If he sat back for a while and separated himself from all the anger, he would be able to communicate better and maybe even learn when to walk away.
Len understands what is going on but replies. He keeps posting for others to ignore yet continues.
It’s like he does not even know the man and the great respect others have for him.
That is earned by your peers, a bond, and shared with the ones you trust.


Saved as evidence for the RCMP… and the CIA… and the FBI… and the DHS… and the … and the… and the… !!! :roll: