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Post: home inspector can take the cover off
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Posted by: ryoung7
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It’s constantly ridiculous and SO obvious.


It is one thing for all of us to disagree at times (We are Home Inspectors!) but such posts should not be allowed or tolerated in the least!

This individual is a disgrace to this Association and the CMI designation…

I agree!

HI’s are like little girls, no one agrees on anything, but anti Jew remarks have no place here, or anywhere else.

Only if that’s true for all people. Jews don’t get a special pass.

You are correct, and it has NOT been a problem here until now!

I can think of NO ONE on this MB (at least in the last few years) that has made any RACIST comments targeting another Member, other than Robert Young!!

WTH! This has nothing to do with any person or group getting a pass.

Besides, where in today’s society or in any PROFESSIONAL Association do these posts belong or are accepted?

That’s how you want this Association known? This is what you want CMIs associated with? Seems to not fit with the CMI Code of Ethics…

Even worse, you see nothing wrong with these posts. Shameful!


Nick, I’m truly surprised at your comment. What special pass are you talking about? Special pass to Nazi camp? It is disgusting that one individual who barely can express himself in plain English posts such hateful comments on the NACHI board. It is shameful that you as a founder of this organization seems to be supportive of it. Hate against any race or nation has no place in our society.

I didn’t stutter! :razz:

I agree with JJ, its not a hugh problem here, but I highly doubt someone bashing muslims would be showed the same patience.

Heck I dont know why I said anything, I aint got a dog in this fight. Just wanted to let folks know what side I’m on I reckon.

Wayne had a point.
I did expect better from Nick but I am NOT surprised.


I am dismayed at your very blinkered view of what Mr. Young posted and was reported on.

Although, in order to be totally fair, I agree that no one group, whether based upon religion, race, colour or creed should be given special consideration, allowing Mr. Young to continue to post, divisive comments that are obviously prejudiced and bordering on, of not stepping over the line of hate speech, is nether in the interest of freedom of speech, fairness to all or in any way aligned to a professional standard or code of ethics.

The reason for reporting this post was not solely on the anti-semitic comments but on the total race and colour issues.

There is no ground for comments about religious beliefs or colour divisions on this message board, and certainly not in reference to the thread topic.

Comments about White Christians (implying they are any different from Black, Brown Yellow or Sky-blue pink Christians) or suggestions that Mr. Young was feeling targeted because he was perhaps, in his own words “a fundamentalist Neo-Nazi antisemitic” are not , in my opinion relevant to ANY topic on this message board, and are certainly counter-productive to the development of ANY professional standard.

As a member of InterNACHI and a CMI I’m appalled that Mr. Young, who holds the same qualifications in this area, can be continually allowed to get away with this sort of activity, using the InterNACHI platform as a launchpad for his disgusting commentary, and then be defended by an executive of the organisation.

May in your haste to post you didn’t read the full transcript of Mr. Young’s reported post.

Maybe you missed his appalling attempts to misquote a dictionary definition to somehow elevate himself above his obvious transgression.

For the record the correct definition of anti-semetic is “relating to or characterized by anti-Semitism : feeling or showing hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a cultural, racial, or ethnic group”.

Mr. Young in his haste to distance himself from his own errors put it as “hostility, prejudice, or discrimination directed against an individual, or group” neatly missing out the Jewish reference.

Yet everyone seems to have missed the two references to “white christian” and the one “fundamentalist Neo-Nazism antisemitic’”

Should this message board be abandoned by all Black, Brown, Yellow, Muslim, Budhist, Hindu, Sikh members now just so a level playing field can be allowed for Semites and “White Christian Anti-Semites”?

Or will something be finally done to stop this sort of trash talking that does nothing but bring the whole of the profession, and InterNACHI and the CMI in particular into disrepute.

So although you fairly state that Jews don’t get a special pass, it appears in an effort to be all inclusive, you are prepared to allow hate speech to go unchecked in InterNACHI, even though it’s illegal in any other part of North American publication.

Interesting point of view. One I’m afraid I don’t agree with.

The emphasis here Jeff should be on the missing word, YET.

Have you ever seen a breach in a dam? It starts with the tiniest of cracks.

Sorry Marc this happened to you , none of it has a place here .

Only one way to settle this!!


Does anyone who has spent any time on this message board think that Nick give a rat’s hairy A.S.S. about anything except his holy CMI? A post is a post is a post. If that means it gets hits for his message board, regardless of if it does harm to a member or a member / vendor or anybody, HE DOESN’T CARE. It doesn’t matter if it is a violation of the Code of Ethics because this organization doesn’t have a COE that it enforces any longer. One only need look at all the crap that is allowed on this message board without any penalty or ramifications, to see the proof.

The only reason anything was done to the original WAFI was because it tainted the CMI brand. No other reason, because Nick loves the continuing multitude of posts that WAFI, WAFI 2, and WAFFI generate with the inept and many times inflammatory and vitriolic posts.

If everybody wants it to stop, then everybody just needs to stop posting on the message board for a week. Just a week would be a tremendous wake up call but guess what, it will never happen.

Food for thought about real anti semitics, Right, mellow Mark Goldenberg?

One last thing Marc Goldenberg.

I do not have any mixed feeling about religion or race period.
I enjoy discussions and admire individuals that openly expose their religious values and beliefs in a free democratic society.
A Freedom to worship in peace. RFRA

You tried to tar myself and Kevin Wood at the start with your conflated anti semitic rhetoric.

You save drabs of old strings without the final replies in threads.
All I can say to that is, you cannot take one page out of the bible or a respected novel and expect it to remain the same.
Such hatred I have never seen.

I do not save targeted hatred. But I do remember them/it sir because they insult this grad association.

Read InterNACHI COE Mr. Goldenberg!

Now go in peace Mr. Goldenberg.
Try to find that lacking self security within you and use your good to overcome hatred by helping association members, and in this grand association as an InterNACHI Awards committee member. They are counting on you to put your best foot forward.

Peace Mr. Goldenberg.
I apologize for my part in defending myself.
May God’s love and compassion be with you and your family.
Robert Young

There was no reason to bring up a dead thread. I know it is the end of the month and your medications may have run out but sometimes it is best to let old threads die a quiet death than resurrect them and bring them back to life for more inane comments.