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Post: Need Help with Balcony
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Robert’s on the rag again.

I guess he’s mad at me I reminded him of his own post he made publicly for all to see.

"I suffer from a form of dyslexia.
Caused from extreme head trauma 41 years ago.
6 Nero surgeons putting the dormer together and almost lost my life and to this day I still have problems
At one point in my life I was an alcoholic and addict."…#ixzz3qSJRCrUI

Members are not moderated. Have you learned nothing over your time in this organization? W.A.F.I.2. :roll:

If I do the same exact thing that brought me no satisfaction for the first thousand times, just once more, I’m sure it will turn out different this time…

Mr. Yeung should seek counseling or ask the doc to adjust his meds, because he’s managed to come off the rails yet again.

He’s cukoo for Coco Puffs.

I am sure everyone is amused.
Linus, I never liked coco puffs.
Hope you are well.

Chuck, you owe Nick an Apology:-) Just admit now.

Stephen W. Stanczyk, I have learned a lot.:smiley:

Mr. Larson, I wish I saved both your phone call conversations.
Oops, they were saved with the line number as well. I will leave it at that Mr. Larson.

Marc A. Goldenberg, I find it quite remarkable and yet perplexing how you blanket yourself around the unfortunate holocaust and your religion, yet pursue the path of stalking?
Your “shallow self-defense mechanism” of everyone’s an antisemitic due to your inability to converse truly exhibits the individual you are.
You collaboratively persecute others to satisfy a need to be seen and fit in.
Too bad.
So sad.
Remember Marc, your a mellow guy.

Marc, as God is my witness, I am not mad.
What you fail to remember is that he is your witness as well.

You are about as shallow as they come, Mr. Goldenberg.
You wrap yourself around your antisemite routine as you walk through this physical world. But when you cross over, do not be surprised by the welcome you will have by OUR Father.

Now I am off to work to inspect a home again.
7 days a week, up to 15 calls a day and trying to become a small multi-home inspector company. I hope Our father allows me the chance to pursue my desires and be respectful to everyone while doing so.
Best of luck with everyone’s businesses.

I will avoid the message board and catch up on some studies I have. Hopefully I will not post on the MB any longer. I as well as many many other see the failing COE standards this associations has.
I hoped you might do something about that Stephen W. Stanczyk. I am sure you gave it your best shot, ha ha ha

One last comment, we have lost some very good members and mentors since I arrived. The agitators are still allowed to pursue their course and that is a shame.

Get help Robert or I will have to call you again.

What was that 3 years ago?

I knew it was just a matter of time until you started with your bogus Jew stuff.
Don’t forget to tell us we sleep with Beelzebub. That was always a good one!

Please be true to your word and GO AWAY or Mikey will call ya.
So long Mr. Robert Yeung.

"I will not post on the MB any longer"
"I will be avoiding the message board"

O-M-G!!! I wasn’t mentioned this time. WTF is up with that?!!! :razz:

You need to change your name to Joansberg. :shock:

And to think I haven’t yet begun my line of questioning regarding him being a new recruit for ISIS… as they tend to favor lunatic’s!


I find it is so sad you as a Canadian are constantly attacked by these Americans .
It is so obvious how jealous they are of Canada and Canadians .

And there’s my proof!

Thanks for your confirmation Jeffery

No problem. I will confirm you are the lead nutcase all day long!

Robert is complete loon who begs for the treatment he gets.

Only seems to be a very few who seem to have silly emotions that they can not control.
I wonder what you hope to accomplish with your random attacks .They have never added much to these posts.

Once again Mr. Young.

This is not the proper forum for ethics complaints.

Send your official complaint to Nick. He is the only person dealing with ethics issues for the organization. IF, AND ONLY IF, HE decides to send something to the Ethics Committee, will it be dealt with accordingly.

ROY. This has absolutely nothing to do with borders, countries, or any other type of issue you wish to insinuate. This is an individual issue. Race or country has no bearing.

Just because only a few talk the moron Robert do not think anyone thinks is rants ae sane.

As for silly emotions, RY is the poster boy.