Get a nice polo shirt with your inspection company's logo for just $9.95.

Just negotiated free shipping for NACHI members.

Just tossing this out for those who are not artistically skilled…

Since this is a limited time offer, is there generic logos (somewhere) where a newb can grab and use till they get their own custom one?

Ok, now the newbs can green box me, for looking out for you. :wink:


Just put your inspection name or initials if you don’t have a logo. Or

I have been using Queensboro for over a year now and the quality is great.
4 piece minimum is exactly what a small business needs. They have a Industry-Unique Unconditional Ten-Year Guarantee. I can’t say enough about this company. Try them, and watch for thier specials.

I found a non trademarked business card logo and sent a high resolution scan to Queensboro. It worked out very well and inexpensive too.

I had the printer of my biz cards email me a copy of my logo, which I then forwarded to Queensboro.

unfortunately for the Canadian NACHI this is a USA NACHI offer. I do find their prices good. Although i have been banging my head against a wall trying to get them to do the logo properly. I even sent them the logo all they had to do, was do it. Three weeks later they have everything in the correct position. They keep sending me blue logos to approve i keep sending it back telling them green