Custom-printed shirts for your inspection business.

Aren’t you glad you have a custom-designed: ?

You can order your shirts with them.

Great idea Nick, but isn’t $30+ each a bit steep? I don’t mind paying a bit more ‘for the cause’, but… ya gotta at least be in the same ballpark.

I get my t-shirts (embroidered or screen printed) for about 1/3rd that at Queensboro. Fantastic quality, and 10 years warranty on all products.

Just sayin’! :wink:

No kidding. I just some bought some real nice polos for 17.50, like you said t-shirts are around 10.00, more or less.

Thanks for the comments guys, I took them to heart. We now have the price set at $20 for one shirt, and $15 a piece for any additional shirts. Our shirts are great quality. I know that deals can be found, what we’re offering is a service and ease of use. Just email us your logo and we take care of the rest, no minimum order quantities, no upfront design fees, and flat rate shipping included per order regardless of quantity.

how about adding a two pocket, button shirt like a fishing shirt that lets the breeze thru with velcro collar and pockets? do that, and I’ll order.

I use them also.

Queensboro is great so if you wanna compete provide what they do not.
I can not get a descent winter coat or a pocket tee shirt for instance.

I already get tee shirts with no pockets for $5 with logo.

Pockets are important for Inspectors so if you wanna take business away from a place that gives better prices you need to offer not so mystical (better quality) but provide what they do not.

Just a tip.

just what is a ‘coat’ for?:stuck_out_tongue:

Would rather wear a winter coat than sweat like a pig in a swamp.:slight_smile: