Tools For Sale

I am closing my doors and selling tools I have that are in like new condition.
Radon Monitors are calibrated to this fall of 2017.

I will take e-mails ONLY, DO NOT text or call me. If you decide you would want to buy and want to talk, email me a time I can call you.

Prices are firm. I will pay for shipping.
If you have questions about the tools I suggest you research them online and then contact me.
1 - Fluke TI300 $3000
1 - Flir 57 Flexible Clamp Meter $150
1 - General Gas Detector NGD8800 $50
1 - Klein Thermometer IR1000 $25
1 - Klein MM200 Multimeter $25
1 - Amprobe Insp-3 $150
1 - Extech MO295 Moisture Meter $300
4 - Sun Nuclear 1027 Radon Monitors $500 each

Kenneth Ramm,

 Sorry to hear man. Wishing you the very best. Stay safe and take care. I tried leaving Home Inspection as well, several times but something always brings me back.

I just texted you to get the camera.

Because I am in the hospital I wonder if I can send you a check for $3500.00
After the check clears you can ship me the camera and keep the $500 for your trouble. I would talk to you but a recent medical treatment has temporarily shut down my speech.
God bless you Kenn and I hope your new job at Dairy queen turns out well.

Love it Thanks for the chuckle … Roy…

Great Job.png

I am going to get sick from all the ice cream. Bah hahaha

Radon monitors are sold
Gas detector is sold
Thermometer is sold


Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Only the best Paul.

PS: I will call you in the near future. Can always use help.

I will take the works.
Email coming shortly.
I will get them passed at customs.

Mike…What you talking about!!!

How old are the radon monitors?

post #6 says they are sold

Oh well keep on looking!

Funny, and get well soon Paul.

Sorry to listen this. But I want to buy Fluke TI300 but price is too high