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Just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I live in Chicago,IL and am considering becoming a home inspector. It is something I would really like to do and I have been reading through some of the posts in these forums, trying to figure out how to get started. Is it simply a matter of taking the courses and passing the tests? If so, is anyone familar with a good and reputable place in the Chicago area where I can learn the basics, take the courses and figure out how to get started in the business? Is there any kind of licensing involved?

I, like Gale in another post have some minor construction experience. Probably not as much as he does though, since I do not do construction full time. Any help would really be appreciated. It's something I'd enjoy doing, but I have no idea how to get started.


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Start with attending an open house at ITA in Glen Ellyn (expensive but very good school) or a city/junior college. Check out this web site for more information

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