Where to start help?

Hi everyone!

I am interested in pursuing the proper education and licensing to become a home inspector in Illinois. While researching the proper way to go about this, I came across this website/message board and it has been extremely helpful to me so far.

Please forgive me for sounding ignorant, but…I have seen many advertisements for educational courses through my research.

I would very much like any and all information, suggestions, criticism, etc. on “where to start” my education process?

Thanks in advance and I hope to be able to learn and down the road, contribute to this site!


Click On the membership link
Start on number one and keep going

You will be glad you spent your time here in the long run

Read www.nachi.org/success.htm and every word of ever link in it… twice. No, three times.

That will make all the difference to you financially.

Thank you!

I also found this.


Should I be paying for the education? Is it better to take a course through a college or an independent accredited course? I didn’t see where Illinois had approved the online courses located on this site.

Again, forgive me if I sound ignorant. I want to be sure I make the right decision when it comes to education.


If you are going the classroom route I endorse The Bellman Group.
Call Chuck up and tell him Condo Bob sent you for higher rates.:slight_smile:

They may still have nightmares of my hand being raised.

I suggest them as being good at training you for the test and I suggest you learn here and take all the self quiz’s you can.

Call me when you have your first paid and I will go with if you are near Chicago.

You can get lots of education here as a member. Just go online and take the NACHI home inspector test and become a member. When doing the test have another computer nearby. If you don’t know the answer to a test question, just look it up online. You’ll pass the first time. Then you’re in!!!:wink:

Thanks for the info and recommendation! Everyone has been very helpful.

I am just worried about making the wrong choice and wasting money on an education course that will be insufficient. I have seen courses varying from separate modules that you can take as you are ready to a course that claims it can get you ready for the test in 3 weekends.

Does anyone else have info on potential education choices?