GFCI Breaker with jumper?

I have a GFCI breaker with a jumper wire between the neutral ports. Never seen a configuration like this. Also, the back “panel neutral” has 3 wires (which I’m sure the breaker is not rated for). Any idea why this would be done this way or any documentation to show this is not acceptable?


Edit of incorrect information…I will leave the below link simply for general information about Seimens GFCI breakers.

d1d00791-4609-4aab-bcf4-d5a9236110e7.pdf (324.9 KB)

Where is the main disconnect.
Is it in that panel.

I’ve never seen that either. But when I look up the breaker, it’s configured that way from the factory. It appears to be obsolete and people are asking $200-300+ for used ones.

My initial instinct would have been to say it was a goofy installation. Now it’s just odd engineering, but it was designed that way.

I remember Cutler Hamner gfi breaker that had a similar jumper from the factory.

Not sure why the location of the service panel would matter.

I stand corrected. Evidently using the Cat No. QF115 in my search was not providing the correct results.
I did find one that is much cheaper Ebay
Also found during re-searching, the seimens breakers I posted above are listed for replacement…just in case someone wanted to know.

They’re practically giving it away!