GFCI in laundry question.

Am I correct in this assessment about an outlet in the laundry of a California Condo laundry?

Although it is not required, I would recommend changing this standard grounded laundry outlet to a GFCI outlet due to its having so much wiring wrapped around it. Check with the electrician about this.

Has nothing to do with the cord being wrapped around it. That wouldn’t be part of what I would referenced to be honest with you. Now due to it’s proximity to the washing machine (with or without a laundry sink proximity considered as defined in pre-2011 NEC or within 6’ of sinks in general in 2011) and taking into account the GFCI requirement for receptacles is fairly new (ish)…I because that is a requirement of today, it is less of a code thing and more a minimum safety thing these days…I would stick with that approach.

Just for educational purposes…now in the 2014 the sinks does not matter at all…

The wiring is irrelevant. The 2014 NEC requires all 120v receptacles in laundry areas to be GFCI protected, so it would not be out of line to recommend as an upgrade in a pre-NEC 2014 home.