GFCI Test Light


I did inspect this house and came across to a GFCI outlet that has it’s green light is always on.There is power downstream,it reset,test button work.My question is, is this normal or faulty outlet?

This is a 1 year old house,

Thanks for all the input

Several years ago there was a manufacturer that put the green light in the gfci’s to indicate that they were grounded. (Leviton?) So a steady green indicates it is grounded.

I believe this little light is on all new GFCI. The new GFCI also have internal provisions for detecting reversed wiring too.

Not really. Just some models. It will illuminate green when it’s wired properly, and switch to red if it trips. I installed some of these in the early 90’s, and I believe that they were the Leviton brand.

Some information on the recent GFCI standards change: