Lights on GFCI

What is with this outlet? A new constructed condo, all GFCI outlets had the green light on, showing it has been reset. On this one in the kitchen, it had both green and red lights on…??? On the faceplate, it says, “FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS”.

Did you use your tester on both? (three light or sure test)
and I assume you reset.

If you have both green and red light that useally tell you have serious issue with wiring along downstream on the circuit.

Which brand name it is ?

Both Pass and Seymour also Levetion both have slighty diffrent indentify what the codes are.

However did you hit the test button on that receptale ?

IF that is a Hubbel GFCI Repectale if red light is on that mean you lost the GFCI protection and that should be done by Electrician to address that issue and they can able find the fault on that one.


Yes, tested with my tester, and used the “TEST” button on the outlet as well. It seems to work fine, just has that red light on…

I could be wrong. First time I have seen it, but I recall from somewhere that one light is a power is on and the other is the safety light. If the power light remains on and the safety light is off, it is warning you that the outlet is not GF protected.

I knew I read it somewhere. Here you go.

Good catch,so the red flashes if somethings wrong.

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