Gfci tester red light only

I inserted my gfci tester and only the red light popped up, but that’s not one of the options. Has anyone seen this.

Was this after the GFCI receptacle was tripped?

It wouldn’t show anything if it was tripped correct. But anyways, I reset all GFCI’s that were tripped. Only the red showed up?

Did the receptacle trip with its test/reset buttons?

I didn’t test it for GFCI, just wiring, since it was in the room. Should I trip it next time?

I always test GFCI receptacles, if they’re not in use. You never tripped it, so you have no idea if it works properly. Did it have the test/reset buttons on the receptacle/s itself?

No it didn’t. It was in a bedroom so I didn’t trip it. I only trip it when GFCI is required. I’m guessing you’re saying in these cases I should have tripped it. From here, what do you suggest I say? Thanks.

The way this home was going I’m guessing it would not have tripped, but I cannot infer anything.

The GFCI was in a bedroom?

I was using my GFCI tester for proper wiring, not if it tripped per GFCI requirements. It is not required to have GFCI in bedroom.

Haha! Had me confused, I thought you meant there was a GFCI in the bedroom!

As for the red light only, I’m not sure, haven’t stumbled on that happening yet.

Did you try another tester, or you only have the one?

You could have told me that 6 posts ago…lol. I’m messing with you now Junior. Thanks for the inquisition though. I think I deserve it.

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Haha! I was trying to narrow it down for you. searching, etc! :slight_smile: First, I thought you were testing a GFCI-protected receptacle! :smile:

I know buddy. But I don’t think I can say anything about this particular outlet.

Hopefully, someone who might have came across this can chime in. If I figure something out, I’ll post again! :slight_smile:

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Thank you sir. I can hold up from sending the report until later tonight.

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Go here and look at the bottom section of the chart.

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I think you got it. Thanks sir.