GFCI without receptacles

OK, I’m sure these are a dime a dozen & I’m having a senior moment but I don’t think I’ve ever run across a GFCI without receptacles before. It protected 3-4 downstream kitchen counter top outlets.


Lowes had them on sale here last week for less than $3 a piece last week.

Really? I’ll have to go look for them. Why would you use one like that and give up an outlet? Oh, wait…the $3 I suppose :slight_smile:

Typically they are used to protect hydromassage bath tubs.
I have never seen one in a kitchen application other than protecting plugmold.

And pool lights, I have never seen one in the kitchen either.

They were on their little “sale table.” The catch was they came in packs of 10 I think.

At least then if you bought a pack you’d never have to buy them again. :mrgreen:

Do they have proper spacing between outlets at the kitchen counters without the plug being there?

David…no, good point, they didn’t and I pointed that out to them. There was a coffee maker sitting in front of this GFCI that would have to be moved to the other side of the sink to be used.

I have a strong suspicion that some blind person actually installed this thinking that it was a regular GFI receptacle. :shock:

Maybe they thought it was tamper proof. :mrgreen: