GFCI Outlets w/ No Test Button - Dont Work! HELP PLEASE!

After resetting all the “breakers” on the side of my house I noticed an outlet that didnt come back on. I started testing other outlets and found that there were quite a few that did not work. Some of them were marked with a sticker that say “gfci protected outlet” but do not have the typical reset and test buttons. These are the ones that are not getting power since I flipped the breakers… YES i am sure the breakers are on “on”.

My question is how do I make these otlets work again? What checklist should I go by? A couple that do not work now are ones that had something plugged in like a nightlight in a bathroom or one of my backyard outlets. NO they are not wet.

Any information would be helpful and appreciated!

Please email me at or reply here or even better… do both???

Thnx again!!!


There is probably a GFCI outlet that you have not located that is tripped. Check all the bathrooms, outside on your patio, and in the garage again.

Is it possible that they wont reset because something is plugged into them when I hit the breakers?

Are you saying that there HAS to be an outlet that has a reset that is “above” the ones that do not work? Why would they stop working if i simply flipped the breakers?

Somewhere there is one or more GFCI outlets that are tripped, you need to find them and re set them. The other outlets are on the tripped ciruit or circuits.

The sticker is informational only, it does not imply that the receptacle has a built-in GFCI.

Brian is correct. Somewhere there is a GFCI receptacle or GFCI circuit breaker which has not been reset.

Do you have a hydro-spa in any of your bathrooms? It may be located inside the access hatch (shouldn’t be, but could be).

When was the house built? That may help us narrow it down.