GFI Breaker installed correctly?

House built in 1980, GFCI breaker in a Gould panel. I’m not familiar enough, but not even sure it powers anything. It is labeled KITCHEN, but not sure

ITE GFI breaker installed. Black wire shown, brown wire from the circuit. 2 white wires are about 6 inches long, tied back together with a wire nut inside the panel…

Glean what you can… GFCI
(Note Robert Meier’s posts).

That GFCI breaker does not appears to be wired correctly.

This is how it should be wire, I believe (The curly white wire is part of the breaker.):

I’m wondering if someone tried to rig this so that it wouldn’t trip, or if it even powers anything. Or if it bypasses the "“breaker” function of the GFCI. With the homeowner’s OK, I pressed the TEST button, but the breaker didnt trip…Regardless, I called it out as needing replacement by a licensed electrician.

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Thanks - that answers the black jumper wire question, but I was more concerned with the 2 neutral/white wires being tied together…

Nothing really wrong with the two neutrals being connected together, typically the striped neutral goes on the neutral bus and the white one is for the branch circuit neutral. I’m guessing that the wire nut is there to cover the bare ends on the conductors.

In this setup the GFCI will not provide any GFCI protection but will still function as a normal circuit breaker. Also the test button will not function. If this circuit does not require GFCI protection it can function as is.

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Thanks, Robert.

Thank you Robert - I thought that may be the case - which explains that the test button did nothing. I guess it’s not “unsafe”, but is not installed correctly to provide GFCI protection. Thanks for the answer!

This ‘sub’ is a mess.

Who wants to list all the things that are wrong and/or unsafe?

Why don’t you help us all out, Michael, and list all the things wrong and/or unsafe?

I’m here to learn like most everybody else. Are you, too, or do you know it all?

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Nothing’s wrong with that remote distribution panel, we’re not code inspectors!

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Uh… … …
I see paint contamination :cowboy_hat_face:

Don’t fall for it people. If that cover was taken off illegally, the panel police will be at your door.







I can’t tell from Ohio about this one.

Maybe at the 2020 inspectors fair you can teach how to inspect electrical panels? You seem to be very knowledgeable.

So he performed a code inspection after telling everyone not to :smiley:

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You need to describe them not number them or is that what ESIs do?

You missed the lack of retention on the backfed breaker.

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Who said I listed all of them?

I don’t need to list them. I pointed them out. I could have said nothing and a new inspector might use this panel as an OK example. They need to think about this. I did half the work.

You however are not new and should know these simple material defects.

Just not in Ohio. You can try to learn or you can bash me. Your choice