Girls, gotta love em!

I’m married to a blonde and the father of a few girls and there’s always drama around here.

Tonight my daughter comes home looking mighty nice with her new haircut/ salon makeover and of course looking for a compliment which I give.

And, “Dad, guess how much I paid for my haircut?”
I say “$80” guessing it was somewhere round that number.
Daughter starts laughing “Nope, it was $150 with tip, and the stylist said that to protect my blonde hair you should change out all the shower heads to produce only soft water.”:shock:

So she offers to drive me to Home Depot where the stylist/ plumbing adviser says I can buy these special shower heads.

Girls, gotta love em!:wink:

All my girls are blonde and I believe you should buy that softener .
A lot less heartaches…Yep!
I’m like an iron wall with them…But, I always cave.

You should tell her that the only way that soft water gets into the skin, hair, and body is by washing dishes. Guessing that she would drop the subject quickly.

Coming from the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. She should be able to find the perfect water for blonds somewhere up there.

Not sure but I’m not aware of a soft water shower head but I am sure you will find a good compromise… Perhaps she misunderstood where soft water comes from. Blondes do in fact
enjoy themselves more and it would be a shame to stop the forward motion on this one. Our mission is always to accommodate. I know, my wife is also a blond. If she gets wind of this I’ll be making the same inquiry…

Hair stylist said get a special showerhead? Been in construction my whole life and never heard of this but hey, what do I know, I’m just a man?

Washing dishes ha! The dog licks them clean right?

My daughter is 10 and just getting into boys. She asked her mom the other day if a boy down the street could come over and play. I interjected “Not unless you want him hanging from the tree in the front yard”.

I can tell I’m gonna have a hard time with her. Hopefully I’ll be able to refrain from having a manslaughter charge hung over my head one day.

$150 for a haircut!!!:shock:
3 girls x 3 haircuts = :shock::shock::shock::wink:

Wait until she gets a little “older”.
My wife of 34 years average is $350.00 per “haircut”. {She is blonde, and German/Irish}

This summer {To the tune of a few thousand dollars}I had to buy a water softening system and then this fall a water “purification system”.#-o#-o

And no…… I did not win megabucks! I’m just trying to keep her happy;-)

My wife is blonde, and she has never paid for a hair cut.

She is a licensed Hair Stylist, but doesn’t cut hair (except for family), and hasn’t cut her own in years.

Her thick, blonde mane is now past her butt cheeks.

I told her that long hair is beautiful on young ladies, and was on her, when she was young, but on an old lady, it looks more like a witch or something.

The nurse is coming in my room with food now. I should be outta this hospital in a day or two! :|.)

Mike! Did you know it hurts when you squirt coffee through your nose?\:D/

A blonde reads an ad in paper: “How to avoid scams- send $10 to…”

She says to herself: “I’d better send $20 to be better protected”!

Tip your server, try the veal!!!

Good one Michael:D

Sorry Frank :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve been married 32 years, and yes, she does have long beautiful, blonde hair. She doesn’t like “blonde jokes” at all.

The only blonde joke she likes is, “what is red and black and lays in a ditch?”…A brunette that’s told one too many blonde jokes!

Her IQ is 151. Smart lady. After all, she DID pick me! :mrgreen:

I have two daughters, and I have a saying when they ask a question. Its either “What would Hank Hill say?” or " What would Red Forman say". I usually get DAD be serious…

Women *are *suckers for the runt of the litter!

lol, that’s true!

My brothers are 6’2, and 6’4, and over 260 pounds.

I am 6’0 and barely 200 pounds.

At just over 4 pounds at birth, 3 months early, I wasn’t supposed to live at all (my brain didn’t) :mrgreen:

I won her over by being a “bad boy”, and lead guitarist in a Heavy Metal Rock Band, when introduced by her sister’s best friend, who I was dating at the time!

Father of girls myself. I can attest to the drama. Daily…
Wouldn’t trade my life with them for anything.

Married to a blonde and have a blonde daughter. That said, how do you drown a blonde? Put a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of the pool.