Looking for general appearence information.

i know a few ppeople in the business and am just researching best appearence methods, when i bought my first house about 2 years ago, my inspector came w/ dreadlocks and gauged earrings, now i wasnt offened by such, because he was very presentable, pleasant, and knowledgable and did a great job, now in others eyes would this look as a bad thing and why personally?

Can you tell me why you feel you need to load up our BB with asking the same questions in so many different places .
We owe you nothing so please tread softly and slowly if you expect to get help and be received nicely

heres an idea, stop bothering with what i am trying to find out, mind your business and only talk to me when i need it, or if its educational, you are the only person on this whole site who has a problem with everything, go do your thing elsewhere cause your comments mean nothing

You should respect this man with all the help he is trying to give you son.

Well I guess I know where I stand with you thanks for your letter .
I am posting it here for all to see and they can make up there own mind on what to say to you.
Hope next year treats you well.

"Adam Veitenheimer

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you have issues
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dont know what the hell your problem is, but deal with it somewhere else, stop filling up the posts with your bull****, its not on topic and useless, in fact i havent seen one thing that youve posted about that has been worth anything, if you have something i can learn off of, comment away, other wise keep ur comments to urself

Some people just don’t understand. You tried Cookie.

feel free and post away friend, that is what i think of you, you never have any answers to say, the only thing you post about is how im not gonna make it, or these are on different areas of the forum, which is fine, but i cannot seem to locate them or maybe there were too many responses and i wanted updated information, but please again, go by the old rule if you have nothing good to say say nothing at all

Our economy needs a boost. Spend your money.


Folks are not against helping you any way they can. But when you ask the same type questions in several areas and the questions are not thought out and appear somewhat juvenile, people tend to get a little frustrated.

Show some maturity here and respect the folks that routinely post on this BB and the information you receive will be great.

Here’s some hints:

Research this board for answers to your questions.

If you can’t find an answer, fully think out what you are trying to find out and post in ONE area, people will respond with more info than you can handle.

I hope this helps.


Adam, dear sweet Adam… Pi$$ Off
Nursery school is over. If you want to be spoon fed, too bad. Read like the other big boys!

ok, to all the children hiding behind the mask, im gonna let this all go, because yet again one of my curious questions that so many will answer and others start has become a war for the thoughtless and inconsiderate… thankyou to the people who actually talk it through… the multiple posts, i dont know what happened i only posted once and it repeated for whatever reason… now my question, i am pretty sure is not found on this site in the same sense that i mean it. If anyone has seen something very similar to what i posted, by all means send me a link, but dont mock my integrity and act like you know me more then the next person, half of the poeple leaving comments have barlly spoken more then two words to me, so you dont know me… if ive offeneded anyone by the comments ive made about people attcking me, i am sorry, but im tired of the same people following me around telling me nothing educational or that i can use and instead replacing it with lude comments about how im not good enough to join the business… i dont know why you feel you need to be like that and good thing i dont listen to those with negativity because i can see alot of people leaving this site because of being told your not gonna make it or your too young, or not enough education… its a shame, and i dont want anymore of these back and forth things with poeple who are not out to support me and be supported by me with whatever i can support you with…

thanks again for those of you whom talk to me like an equal and individual and not like a child…

Adam it’s time to leave now…it is Roy’s business…after that comment i wouldn’t expect anymore help from any I-nachi member. Go play in the traffic.

The answers you seek are mostly found in the MEMBERS ONLY SECTION. Only some things in life are free.

Just one bit of Information if you are still around .
You too obviously know very little that goes on here at the NACHI site .
I am at this time Mentoring two who wish to become Home Inspectors .
I have others who are waiting so they too can go out with me .
I have no Axe to grind with you or any one else .
I always tell it like I see it . This is far from the best Time to get into home Inspections . Home Inspectors who have been doing inspections Like me for many years are having a hard time making a living .
Over the years past experience has show in good time 90% of those who start do not last 3 years .
These statistics obviously upset you and you took it as a slam against you . It hurts me to see some invest 3 + years and $10,000;00 dollars and not be able to make a living.
Not against any one coming into this industry But I feel those who wish to enter should know what the odds are of succeeding.
If you look at the Bottom of my post you will see I was member of the year for Canada 2006 . I do not take this lightly it means a lot to me and I will do all I can to help every body all the time .
I hope you have a great year next year . Cookie .
PS I frequently post my phone number for HIs to ask questions and I do spend many hours helping where I can .