Glass Shower Tile

I have seen several showers in the past with glass tile installed but yesterday I had one and noticed a crack from the back side of the tile. Just made me wonder are these glass tiles required to be tempered and how would you identify them when they would not likely have a tempered stamp on each tile.

I do not have an answer to your question, but does it really matter (other than for personal knowledge)? It’s cracked. Cracked is cracked. Report it.

Well I can tell that its cracked and was reported as so. Should it be tempered? If so that is something I would like to have reported as well. There is also glass tile on the curbing that has a tile that the edge is slightly chipped.

Would a cracked glass tile be any more hazardous than a cracked ceramic tile? I know of no requirement for glass tile to be tempered.

Glass tiles are not tempered.

Tempering has nothing to do with the ability to be damaged. Tempering dictates how the glass will react to it being damaged…

Thank you Jeff, perfect illustrations. Please also note cracked glass tile comes also comes deliberately introduced within the tiles. I have a mosaic tile for my next bath project It is a mixed type 12 x 12 tile with 1x 2 rectangles of stone stainless and clear glass. All the clear glass sections are cracked within the glass but cracks do not come to surface. I have no idea how they do it but it allows some interesting light refraction patterns.

From the photo it looks more like a manufacturing defect/inclusion in the glass then a crack

Looks like manufacturer defect to me as well. They use a backing for the glass so you can’t see the thinset through the tile. Looks like it got a ripple in it when it was made.