Tempered glass required at bathroom window or not?

What say you? thx in advance.

I say no. The glass is not within the tub wall/the floor or stand surface of the tub.

The bottom edge of window may also be more than 60" from the floor or stand surface. I can’t tell from here.

I doubt that bottom edge is 60 inches ( would wildly guess 40-50)

Even so it’s still not within the tub wall(s). But you can always recommend what you want for safety.

You don’t carry a tape measure??? :roll::roll::roll:

No from me.

Nope. The glass is not within the bathtub zone.

I thought the 60" measurement was pretty obvious from the pic. If you look close you can see the floor baseboard. Apparently not ;-). Regardless, it was well below 5’.


No, not by code.

BTW, unless that’s a vinyl / colored trim, that’s not a great idea to have wood trim in shower, nor am I much of a fan of the stickum tub/shower surrounds.