Glen Beck is a National Hero...

and Fow News is too! They are the ones telling the truth and exposing the lies.


Go Fox News!

Glen Beck is a national fool. And FiX news wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit them on the backside.

He believes that ratings that put money in his pocket are more important then any journalistic obligation to even the illusion to honesty in journalism.

Rupert has one overriding principle that has stood him in good stead his entire career. He wants ratings and the money and power they bring. If the truth gets in the way of that then the truth has and remains a optional feature that is sacrificed without a twinge.

Obama is a pathological liar and anyone with an IQ over 85 knows it.

Ha ha I hope the Republicans follow Glenn Beck along the way they do Rush Limbaugh so everyone can see what idiots they are

I think everyone knows who the idiots are.

Does anyone want to tell us what Beck has said that is incorrect?

Actually, I know that…and my IQ is 62.

Obviously not.

Well you are now outed. :):):slight_smile:

I’m guessing Bob is a 73:roll:

Gee Don,

Do you know that Beck has lost some sponsors because of his shows?

Ah, the free market at work! :mrgreen::cool:

Some are not as brave as others and would rather hide the truth.

NYC ACORN office this time.

Seems to be a pattern here.

Are you implying that any sponsor who left Beck’s show is hiding the truth?

I’m saying they would rather not be associated with controversy whether it’s true or not.

Such is their right, to sponsor whom they want to.

Gotta love the free market!

Their choice. Their risk.

or reward. ;-):mrgreen: