God Bless Dominic's Grandfather

I found out yesterday that Dom’s Grandfather had passed away.

I feel bad not only that he lost a family member but that I was not being very friendly to Dom as I was having some issues with uploading reports.

His server was under attach.

So I wanted to post here at Nachi.

May God bless and rest Dominc’s Grandfather.

And Dom I also apologize for not understanding the situation and will try to be more understanding in the future.

By the way Dom what is your Grandfathers name and what did he do for a living/hobbies? Your most memorable moment with your grandfather.

I lost my Grandfather many years ago and I always enjoyed fishing with him and he worked for Ohio Bell and taught electrical.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the post. Sorry, I wasn’t doing to well yesterday and realized I started to go off. I had my grandfather pass away, my sister ended up in the hospital after going into a diabetic coma on the same night. She accidentally took too much insulin and started seizures, the dog woke my family up thankfully (great dog!).

My grandfather lived a good life though, he was in his late 80’s and even earlier this year would still go duck hunting with his friends. He passed in his sleep so there was no pain which is good too.

I get up the next day and one of our servers is getting attacked by some bozo’s in Russia , slowing it down to a crawl. Finally got more ram added to the machine to handle it and blocked them off. This definitely hasn’t been my week!

Hang in there Dom. :D:D:D

My condolences to you and your family, Dominic. And wishing for a speedy recovery for your sister also.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

My sister is doing okay now. She just needs to be more careful in the future. Hard lesson for a 17 year old but hopefully almost dying will get her to pay more attention and take the diabetes a bit more seriously. She was off at Soccer practice today, so I guess things are back to normal.

Sorry to hear this Dom! Keep the faith…

Take a break Dominic.
You deserve it.
I hope you have someone trained by now that can help you out when needed.

Condolences to you and your family Dominic

Warm wishes and prayers for you and your family, Dom.

Dave your a noble man. Dom I wish you and yours all the best. Most of my family has passed on and I can honestly say I believe your grandfather is in a great place now.

Thoughts and prayers to you and your family Dom.

I thought you were covering for me tomorrow?

Thanks guys, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Hang in there Dom.

Blessings and prayers to you and your family Dom


le mie condoglianze mi dispiace per la perdita di.

Condolences to you and your family Dominic.

My condolences, Dom.

May your family be in God’s hands.

My condolences Dominic

And add my condolences also.

You help us out so very much, I can’t thank you enough.
Some days it just comes all at once.

My condolences Dominic