Lost my best friend today....

Lost my old friend today, “Bubba” Mac Daddy. He was an awesome family pet and he was always laying at my feet when I would write my inspection reports. Monday’s report will not be the same without my sidekick. RIP “old man” :wink:

(Tonight will be a Silent Night. Anyone that has ever owned an english bulldog, knows what I mean.)


Robert I know how you feel but it does not matter what dog you loose the pain is still the same.

Robert I am sorry for your loss buddy. I have a full lab that sits with me as well and it was hard to loose the last lab I had. Hope you still have a Merry Christmas.

That sucks. Tears were running down my face when I was washing my last Lab after she died in my arms :frowning: Go get another “NOW” as it is damn near impossible to be sad with a puppy around. If you want to try another breed try a Lab they are amazing, I recommend females.


Sorry about your loss.

How old is the dog in the picture?

How about a new puppy for Christmas!! You could get him tomorrow and he can be potty trained on your Monday report.

LOL Dave! He was about 10 in the picture and he lived to be 12. Actually, I picked him up exacly 12 years ago today. He was a Christmas gift to the family on Christmas morning (it’s not easy hiding a puppy for 3 days!) I do have another little guy (french bulldog that also lays in the room while I’m doing the reports). The picture below is Bubba giving the “new kid” a little wisdom.

And thanks guys for the nice comments!

So, sorry for you and the family… Roy

Sorry to hear about your loss Robert.

Sorry to hear about your loss Robert, how is the other dog reacting?

Below is a shot of my report writing buddies.


My wife said within a couple of hours after I left for the vet, she found the young one curled up in the older dog’s bed. Seems like he knows. We may need to get him a buddy down the road but not too soon.

(Love your report writing buddies!)

Sorry to hear Robert! We lost our guy, Catcher (a lab) a few weeks ago after 14 great years. My best to you!

yep My wife and stay wait the clicking noise ours made across the floor.

Aw, I’m so sorry to hear that. I love animals.

Yes, people get attached to them dearly.
Hope you can find another one.

They really make good friendly companions.

sorry to hear this, hang in there

So sorry to hear. As you can tell from my avatar, the bond between man and dog is tough to match. Unfortunately, the unconditional love they give you creates an almost unbearable pain when they are gone.

If you have never believed one thing I have ever said you can go to the bank for sure. That you cannot be sad with a puppy around.

Sorry to hear of your loss. I’ve lost two best friends over the years. I’d like to share this poem I found on the web. Couldn’t find who the author was but it seems to fit the moment.

Your Canine Guardian Angel

I know that you must miss me,
By the tears rolling down your face.
But believe me when I tell you that,
I’m in a very good place.

There are meadows here to run in,
And plenty of rabbits to chase.
There are other dogs to play with,
To frolick with and race.

So please don’t worry about me,
My spirit feels light as can be.
There’s no more pain to plague me,
I’m young again and free.

And I’ll be watching over you still,
of that you can be sure.
I’m your canine guardian angel,
And my love for you remains pure.



Robert, so sorry to hear of your loss. My parents had many generations of English bulldogs as part of the family for over 70 years.The love and joy that they brought to our family far outweighed the high maintenance that they required.

You might need to teach the Frenchie to raise the volume of its snorts, grunts, and snores to proper English levels.

Sorry to hear of your loss Robert.