God-forsaken contraption

I ran across this contraption at a condo near the university today. I was getting ready to call the authorities and report a suspected terrorist activity when I realized what it was. I suppose I need to get out more :mrgreen:

Does it have anything to do with hemorrhoids?

Tennis racquet stringer. Just had one of those in a condo too. :slight_smile:

Bet the children in that house are VERY well behaved. :wink:

That there is funny Rick…lol

Yep…that’s what it is. Not being a tennis player I had never seen one of these. After Googling the name on the other side of it when I got home I have to admit I surprised as to how complicated it was to restring a tennis racquet.

I still thinks its better used to keep the kids in line. :mrgreen::twisted:

I used to own a Tennis Racket restringer and it was my first thought ,but then I said to my self nahhhh!.

Back in the stone age we used cat gut that needed the string tension adjusted according to our playing style.

A junk ball guy like myself wanted loose strings so the surface would hug the ball and enable more spin.

Heck now that I am old I do not even notice that there is a problem with string tension on my 15 year old racket.

The occupant of the condo was a law student and I kept trying to figure out how this device played into that. I thought maybe he was doing undercover work on ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ and this was a product destined for Gitmo. :mrgreen: