Going political

Not Really just going to express my idea that I have had for years and now are starting to see a few politicans with the same idea.

Natural gas there is a supply of this product readily available in North America to last well over a 100 years and we still have diesel semi’s and home heating oil on the east coast wasting this fuel when we have the technology and the work force to build a distribution system from coast to coast and from canada to Mexico. CNG burnes much clearner than desiel to appease the tree huggers and still we use it very limited. I wonder why???

Because fracking is opposed by the environmentalists, the EPA and the current administration.

You don’t have to frack for natural gas there are wells that are shut off simply because lack of demand


Fracking technology is the very reason we now have an abundance of natural gas and the reason the price of it has dropped which may be the reason some wells are shut.

Horizional drilling has become the choice of drilling and it is the black gold they are after natural gas is simply a secondary benefit and yes it has flooded the market because of the type of drilling and the fracking required but still we are not utilizing the potiential of CNG

Go read my post 2 again if you want the reasons.

The biggest problem is lack of a distribution system.

I’m all for it but it is not cheap.

I am well aware of the latest reason for it as in post # 2

Cheap is in the eyes of the beholder it does not have to be tax payer money to build a distribution system

Then ask your self why the industry is not stepping up.

Think hard because it’s obvious to me.

Its obvious to me also we both are on the same page for a change;-)