Going through a camera a year.

What’s the normal for you? I like my Sony DSCWX350 with 20X zoom. But the flash pops/burns out in about a year or so.

I never got much life out of Sony flashes. Some Cannon flashes have failed me too.

I get long life out of Nikon and Panasonic 60x bridge cameras if I don’t drop them and Olympus tough.

I have been using this camera for the past year and it seems to be holding up well. I like that it’s waterproof and there is no lens that extends out when zooming. I’ve damaged a few normal digital cameras when in crawlspaces by getting sand in the lens. So far a good camera. I wish the loom was a touch more powerful, but that keeps me climbing closer to the item I’m inspecting.

Fujifilm FinePix XP120 Digital Camera (Yellow)](https://www.google.com/search?q=Fujifilm+FinePix+XP120+Digital+Camera+(Yellow)&oq=Fujifilm+FinePix+XP120+Digital+Camera+(Yellow)&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8)

I have been using the Olympus Tough since 2008. I am on my 3rd one, not because of failure or damage, just because I keep getting the new models for better bells and whistles.

I was going through a camera a year when I started. Then I switched to tough cameras. Started with a Pentax and now have an Olympus. They last and I highly recommend the Olympus.

Thanks, I think I’ll use my Sony 20x zoom for outside shots and get an Olympus tough for interior.

The Olympus Tough is great for anything that you don’t need super zoom for.

Olympus Tough TG-5 Camera Bundle


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Have not used anything with under a 12x-20x zoom in 10 yrs +/-

Just bought a Sony Cyber-shot, 20.1 MP, 35x Optical Zoom. Price was right! Access Denied

While I’m sure that’s a nice camera, it looks kind of “chunky” for me.
I use a Sony , but it’s smaller in overall size.


I use the Nikon COOLPIX L22 and have so for many years.
Small enough to easily fit in your pocket . They have a good macro and are very easy to use.
I get them for around $40 on ebay. If I drop it no big deal.
I have about 5 of them.
Here are a few I have beat up over the years :D. I save them for parts.

The Olympus Tough are tough but the zoom lacks. I just bought a Canon SX620HS 25X and I am very pleased with it, so far. Its fast and it takes pictures in low light without the flash which makes the battery last a long time.

Does the flash retract when done? I have a Samsung with auto pop-up flash, but it doesn’t retract automatically. So I use the Sony more often.


It will display that it needs the flash and you have to pop the flash up to use and push it back in when finished. But as I said, it takes pictures in low light and most time I don’t need the flash indoor.

Terill best inspection camera ever is the wx220 and I have 7 of them just in case because they stopped making them . None have a burnt flash as of yet but my trick to take faster pictures is not use flash much. Set the iso a little high and it takes amazing dark lighting condition shots even in attics with zero flash .Right now “Focus Camera” has a low price package deal going .Ill take Sony for speed over other brands every day of the week.

You only need super zoom outdoors, and there is no point to using flash outdoors or with a long zoom, so use your sony or any good high resolution super zoom for outdoors and get a rugged camera for indoors, that is where the camera gets banged up, dropped etc.

Been using my Canon SX130 now for 3 years. From the sounds of it I have been very fortunate that it hasn’t failed me once. Tends to chew through at least two or four batteries per inspection but I get Duracell batteries at Costco in bulk packs so they do not cost much. When it finally bites the big one I will probably upgrade my wife’s camera ( she takes a lot of pictures) and take her camera that she has now which is a newer Canon.

Buy the rechargeable batteries, they’re a lot cheaper in the long run.

I have been using Canon Powershot.
Seems very durable and works great.

I have only had to replace 2 so far,
They do not do well dropped off a 4 story roof.
I accidentally left one sitting on the hood of my truck and drove over it.