I want a new camera. Opinion please.

I have a Sony 4.0, nice camera but;

Its big and bulky in my pocket . Want smaller.

It has a special battery and it went dead on me during an inspection. Want disposable batteries.

It has a small screen I have trouble seeing. Want bigger screen.

It shuts itself off after so many seconds, thats OK. But it goes back to default flash settings. I would like one that has some way of keeping flash on or off.

It has removable memory. Absolutely a must. I filled my memory stick on my first inspection, fortunately I had a spare with me.

Has optical zoom. Absolutely a must for blowing up.

Anyone have more suggestions?

Olympus SP350 8.0MP

Thanks. Ill look at it.

You want smaller, but you want a bigger screen. This is a misnomer.
I have used Sony for 11 years and still use every Sony I purchased but have three other cameras that are trash and didn’t last a year.
Small cameras require special batteries.
Buy a smaller camera that still uses standard AA batteries. You can only get so small.
There’s got to be a way to shut off the automatic shutdown feature on any Sony.
Small cameras and massive zoom is also a misnomer.
Suggestion, get bigger pockets! I use a safari vest to carry all my test equipment for my inspections along with my camera and recording devices.

Fujifilm F470 — 6.0 megapixies — 3 1/2" X 2 1/2". 1 3/4 X 2 1/4 screen…easy to see.

Olympus D425 — 4 megapixies — 3 1/2" X 2".

Olympus Camedia D395 — 3.2 mp — older, but I kinda like it.

I use all three at various times for various reasons.

never mind

What I mean is thinner, mine is 1-3/8" thick. Ive seen them 5/8" thick.

Mine has a 1-1/4" screen. Ive seen them with 2-1/2" screens.

I know I probably can’t get the best of all worlds, but I can do better.

Do you find that 3.2 meg is high enough resolution if you have to blow it up real big?

olympus is the only way to go

I favored Olympus, but I wanted a larger screen and the Fujifilm grabbed my arm and said – " I ain’t got no Mommy or Daddy. Will you be my Daddy?"

And we’ve been a family ever since.

I have an older 6 or 7 years, Olympus Camedia D380 — 2 mp used it in my remodeling buisness before converting to an honest job.
Had a canon that lasted 6 mo’s.
I would like to find one that can take a good wide angle shot for interiors, any ideas?

Canon SD 600 with 2.5" screen and a Canon SD 630 with 3.0" screen. Small, compact and durable. Good Macro feature on both…

Macro, forgot about that. Could have used it yesterday. Water heater in a closet 12" from wall. Stuck my head in, too close, everything blurry. I suffer from CSS (can’t see ****). With macro I could have stuck in camera and got it.

I replaced my FUJI with a cheap HP 4.0 works great, has all the goodies needed, only cost a $100, holds 502 Pictures on a 1Gig. If you droped and broke it it wasnt a fortune, use’s 2 AA rechargeables for about 60 pictures worth then change to another set of batteries and the pictures look great.

I have an olympus with “special” rechargeable batteries…went to batteries plus and bought two more so I will never have to worry about the battery dying before I’m done taking pictures. Works like a champ…better than buying a new camera with disposable (expensive) batteries.

nikon coolpix l3

I take all my HI photos at lowest res possible to conserve bandwidth when saving, uploading, & emailing reports.

I take photographs in a medium resolution (you don’t need real high resolution to blow them up on a computer screen), but I want to be able to zoom in with higher resolution. When you send photographs by e-mail, select to send them smaller and they will automatically be compressed down to about 45 K for e-mail use.

Open your picture folder-choose the photographs you want to send by highlighting them-right click- send to e-mail recipient-a window pop up allows “send smaller picture”-send.