Going to be

71 in a few days and I still luv these suckers:D;-) The best I can do for a Rocky Mountain High

I hope you enjoy that birthday, Charley, and many more. :slight_smile:

You go up there on windy day? Happy Birthday!!:shock:

Every day, If I waited for no wind I never would be on a roof. Between Texas blowing and Kansas sucking we Okies have no chance for a calm day;-)

Keep up the good work Charlie, Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Charley!

so You’re birthday is Sunday does that make You the Easter Bunny ? Happy Birthday Partner ! remember to have a fire extinguisher handy before You light those candles…

Yes Buddy Jim I am the original Easter bunny this year;-)

atta Boy !

Right on Charley, keep on trucking, :smiley:

Happy Birthday young man and Happy Easter.

Don’t forget the Red Hat. ;):slight_smile:

Happy B’day Charley … How is the kid doing learning to climb the roofs like Dad?

He will make the grade or should I say pitch:D