The secret is out

I am giving all you a Xmas gift the knowledge how to properly climb a roof;-)

That’s how you do it!!! That takes all the awe out of it now… Lol
Merry Christmas Mr Bottger!!! Whatever you are…

Blue jeans, that’s the secret :wink:

Merry Christmas to you and your family Charley

Well now we know what that smell is…

Dead or alive?

I see that dog likes them as well.

Great now we know who started the BIG Foot rumors . lol
Merry Christmas All

dig the Toby Treads

no cold feet at any height

Merry Christmas to all the Bottgers!

Merry Christmas to all my inspector brothers.

I can not tell a lie that pic was actually one of my youngest grandsons and my little buddy Toby who was trying to mark those shoes

Merry Christmas Charley. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas Charley. Those would go nicely with a red hat.

Seems like an awful small dog to hold the safety rope…

Only a real man can inspect a roof during a full moon. :slight_smile: