I am calling it quits

For this day and going to bed what a bummer day this has been. Mare had a foal born in the rain about 3:00 AM this morning, Had a 80 MPH thunder storm blow through at 9:00 AM Lost shingles on my roof lost power for 12 hours. My brides esclade lost its battery at her open house and stranded her had to go replace it. Got home and had a mother board burnt on my main computer and had to swap hard drives so I could come and cry on this BB and finish a report. SHI! I am going to bed.

No, I’m not an optomist, but I have learned that when I have days like this, that it’s good (at least for me) to count my blessings.

Hope that helps! :cool:

Hope tomorrow goes better for you!

Hang in there Charley. You’re still with us, so is the bride and baby. Could be a lot worse. Everything else is just an aggrevation


You made it! Good job…

Now, we start over today.:smiley:

Now you have a “reference” to what a bad day really is! :wink:
Hang in there my friend, some sleep will get things right!
Just think of the sight to behold in the morning with that new baby and mom!

keep the faith

You guys sure get your share of weather.

Wake up, Charley-
It was only a dream!:wink: :shock: :smiley:

You so funny dream my A?? Yes things always look better the next day.:smiley:

So how’s the foal doing Charley? lets talk about the important stuff :wink: :wink:

Pics please. :smiley:



So Charlie…Is it a little better today ???

Congrats on the foal!

Glad you’re having a better day!

Yes things are much better had another foal born last night no rain # 6 one more to go. Ok on the pics

wow… surely charlie You can’t keep them all in the house!!!

Very cool Charley, glad you had a better day. I look forward to the pics when you’ve fixed the roof :wink:

All the best mate


Going to install metal on the roof to hear the hail louder. Gerry the first pic is of my Appaloosa litter just for you:p The second one is the one born in the rain storm and the 3rd pic is of last night out of my quarter mare. Only have one quarter mare all the rest are registered Appaloosa

Thanks Charley, I’ll take the one biting his siblings nose, that’s a pup with attitude, my girlfriend fell in love with your last foal (she thinks our yard is big enough).

You are very blessed my friend.

Best wishes

Gerry & Bobbi