Just for Dan B

You like heights try this one if you run fast enough you can grab the ridge cap before you start to slide back down and no I did not take the pic from a helicopter

# 73 Hilltop PC 4-13-12 035.jpg

# 73 Hilltop PC 4-13-12 034.jpg

# 73 Hilltop PC 4-13-12 037.jpg

# 73 Hilltop PC 4-13-12 001.jpg

It’s not the height that bothers me it’s the sudden stop. I can get on a steep roof with not much problem, getting onto the latter when coming down can be a different story.

come on Charley. you can do steeper than that. :smiley:

Yours is a cake walk even for an old man:D:D I could do that with just one leg and no arms

Charley -

Was in Tulsa and Blackwell Wed & Thurs. Anna today & in Lewisville Sat

Looks good. What is that … about a 5/12 Oklahoma shed roof.

Piece of cake for Charley!

He flies like a butterfly and stings like a bee. ;):mrgreen:

Hey you were only about 20 miles from me when you were in Blackwell shoulda called me I woulda bought ya a Oklahoma black angus Steak:D BTW your steak is on the hoof;-)

# 73 Hilltop PC 4-13-12 033.jpg

go up another 8 feet without scaffold.

65 feet building up. Its the tear down in minus 22c. and windy that the knee shakers
This is only 40 and change. All without PPE.
I do the staging setups on my sites.
Then the tower with 600 amp 7 feet away to 4 feet away.
Hydro Quebec gave me the blessing.
So did our Father. HA HA HA


Holy cow, Charley ! :slight_smile: I think they need some more vents, another skylight, plumbing stack and maybe another Satellite dish ! :slight_smile:

Richard looking at the roof design I have to say Why!!!:shock:

Kevin I was born at night but not last night I don’t make silly mistakes I was just messing with you guys that roof was actually a cake walk there was a normal 4-12 pitch over the open patio that allowed easy excess with no danger of falling;-):wink:

# 73 Hilltop PC 4-13-12 022.jpg

Sorry Charley that was meant for the complex angles of Richards photo not yours. LOL
I also will mention as long as my ladder will reach the Peak I will go on the top. I prefer to have my client hold the back of the ladder and have 911 on speed dial.:smiley:

Charley this time just doing something for a friend in Blackwell; inspecting in Tulsa & Lewisville.

I have actually spent 3 nights in Blackwell over past 5 years / 2 times coming north from Ft Worth or Dallas and caught in HEAVY snow storm. Once just got tired late PM (8-9) and said … piss … not gonna keep going to Wicheeta and bunked up.

Now I know you’re purty close I’ll try & call next time thru that way.

Ya are welcome at my door any day or Night

Hey Richard I did one today even steeper come run with me and I will show ya how to fly without a helicopter. These kind are not for the lead Butted inspectors or the ones that wear Pink ruffled Panties and inspect from a ladder or the ground:D:D

2602 Wildwood Enid 4-20-12 053.jpg

Where did you take that picture from, the dormer window?:mrgreen:

Hey Duffas I was on the ridge cap looking down;-):wink:

Linas, I have said before, he flies like a butterfly. :):wink:

Good evening Marcel its easy when ya know how I used the northern approach:D

2602 Wildwood Enid 4-20-12 002.jpg

I kind of figured you had found a safe way. :):wink:

Take care my friend.