Going to the Vegas Convention this year? Free offer from Kevin O'Malley.


It’s my birthday today and our 20th anniversary conference this year. I am feeling happy. I want to invite all of your members to the Sunday Night 20th Anniversary Party for free on October 20th.

I will also give the first 20 of your members who request it from you 2 days of our 5 day conference free, that’s a $347 gift, Sunday and Tuesday at our Las Vegas October 20-24 Conference. No strings.

Must respond today to kevin@caseyomalleyassociates.com and be one of the free 20 to get this offer. No refunds to anyone already registered. This offer ends on Wednesday, August 27, 2013.

Kevin O’Malley

InterNACHI is a Gold Sponsor of this event.

See you there!!!

Hmmm my birthday is the 21st.

I wonder if Nick can arrange a room where InterNachi guys can get together perhaps Sunday or Monday. I see names here on the forum and would like to put a face to the names. Nothing fancy…just a gathering…perhaps an adult beverage for those interested.

Thanks Kevin.
Email received.

See you guys there.
Last time I went missed lots of the guys by not knowing who they were.
"stop using pics from 20 years ago " lol

Yeah, what do you think you’re realtors?:mrgreen:

I wear a name tag…

I’ll be there. Save me a seat please :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing everyone. Happy birthday Nick!

With you I gotta look for a college student… Lol

lol Who you talking about Bob?

Most certainly not the old man with the glasses. ?..lol

Let’s put together a MB lunch or dinner one day

I concur. I am coming in Sunday morning and leaving on a red eye Wednesday night. I think Sunday evening is out because of opening dinner and Monday is the Poker game (I think). Tuesday for dinner sounds good…lunch may not give us enough time to settle old grudges (kidding) and tell war stories.

Need to figure who will be around certain days.

Tuesday is kind of middle of the program. Hey…I’ll go twice just to chat and have an adult beverage.

Dinner before bowling on Tuesday and drinks after bowling maybe?

Count me in.

I’m in…looking forward to it

John and I will see you all there. It will be great to put some names and faces together.