Gold soars to all-time record high today!

As predicted :cool:

I just wish I had some money so I could by money. Just wait for the September housing fiqures. They will be ugly.

And it hit another all-time high again today.

And again today.

And again today.

Most of us here do not care Nick

great you read the business section of the newspaper… whoopee :roll:

and this late breaking news…MIC inspections also at an all time high, so far this year someone, somewhere did one…also as predicted. :wink: :cool:

And again today.

And again today.

And again today… topping the $1,300.00/ounce mark.

And again today.

My new gold toy, cant wait to get this up and running! and no thats not me in the pic…lol…


Wow!!! I have the mining claims if you need them.

Nick you are great from what I saw this evening . Gold is going to go a lot higher .
Another 50% or more in about two years or less.

Straight to $6,800/ounce.

Hey Nick…are these claims in Colorado? or other? Me and my partner are looking at everything right now…

Yes, all in Colorado.

And again today.

Hey Nick,

With all that fascination and mooolaa ur making with the whole gold game, you should buy all the 5+ year iNACHI vets a thermal imaging camera, training and a free year membership :cool:

Thanks in advance. Oh, and plate it all in gold please :mrgreen:

So, 15k now could be 125k in 24 months?