Gold Slumps to Multi-Year Lows

Get out while you can.
Rising dollar crushes confidence.

Get out? I buy the dips, I don’t sell them. Did you mistype that post or were you serious?

Get out while you can.

I bought – pounds @ $634.00/oz many years ago & still holding.
I just bought more 2 weeks ago. :smiley:
Also silver.
IMO there’s no reason to sell.

Gold hasn’t lost any purchasing power in 6,000 years. Gold is a store of purchasing power (wealth).

The dollar has lost 99% of it’s purchasing power in just 100 years. Dollars lose purchasing power (wealth)… every day.

I’ll trade dollars for gold anytime, but certainly when gold dips. You buy the dips (in anything)… you don’t sell the dips. Selling gold is trading gold for dollars (the opposite of what you should do during a dip).

Where would one buy gold?

Coin show or coin store or craigslist. Assuming you mean physical gold which is the only way to own gold.

And, by “physical gold”, coins are what I may buy and I don’t think he means this:

fake gold 3_0.jpg


Don’t forget the toilet paper - great for barter in times of disaster.
Down here in hurricane country people always forget it! ha ha

The only way to measure the value of anything is in its purchasing power. Here is a chart of the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar over the last 100 years. Anyone believe it is going to turn around? I don’t. Looks to me like it is going right to toilet paper.


Got bitcoin?

Some. Mostly just for fun. I like things I can touch. That’s why I don’t invest in other men’s companies (buy stocks). I don’t do ETFs (could be fake). I don’t put money in banks (loan banks my money at 0%). And I’m light on bitcoin. I like bitcoin, I just don’t like that I can’t physically touch it.

My asset classes are rare antiques (iron, nothing wooden), heavy equipment (only big machines, excavators, etc), raw land (anywhere, any kind), timber, tax liens, old U.S. gold coins (have to start with serial number 18 ), new (bullion) U.S. silver coins or bars, mines/mining claims/mineral rights, and businesses (anything but the food business).

Gold falls, dollar surges.

Gold will plummet to $700!!!

And the dollar recently hit a 100-year low. See my chart post #11.

But it’s rising and gold is tumbling to $700 or less. Get out while you can!!!

Rising? The dollar lost 99% of it’s purchasing power already. Do you really think it will get back to even again?