Good Boots

I’m always on the search for a better work shoe/boot. Something that is comfortable and works well on the roof too. Last week I found some boots that so far are the best I’ve owned. Aside from being durable and comfortable they unzip at the side making it easier/faster to remove them when I go in and out of homes.

Red Wing 8691 Men’s Hiker Boot.
Electrical Hazard

I spend a little on my work boots but they last a long time.
Weatherproof and shock resistant.

Great information Thanks Guys , Much appreciated … Roy

My Red Wing boot of choice…

in my opinion Red Wings are the best but the ones you seen I posted took a hell of a long time to break in.after I had the special inserts put into um I believe I spent two hundred and seventy bucks.I’ve been wearing red wings for about 40 years

These are more comfortable than tennis shoes in short time.

511 tactical for better fitting and Red Wings they also work great on the roof

Bates cop boots with the side zipper. you can loosen them when feet swell or if you have one f-ed up foot like I do. I do not "think mine are steel toed.

Merrell are the
best, Easy on easy off very comfortable.

**Cheap ** to replace fast ] **Loafers ** to remove at the door ] Not too deep of a tread no tracking in mud ] **Leather ** easy to clean ]Tight { so they do not fall off on roofs }

Check out The are handmade and can be rebuilt when they wear out. You get what you pay for, they are a little expensive but well worth it. Been wearing Whites boots for years! They work great for roofs too.

on my 3rd pair of these Worx brand from the red wing store. Steel toed also


Are they light, like a tennis shoe?

Hurt my Achilles a couple summers back (healed OK) but as much as I like my Georgia boots (pricey, but comfy), I’ve grown accustomed to running shoes while working,… maybe these are a good mix as I’ve been looking for alternative.

Good info. Do any of you use the boot covers? I am worried about them fitting over my size 14 wide boots. I might consider one of the slip on style shoes if I cannot find boot covers that fit. That way I can slip my shoes off before inspecting the interior.

Browning Feather lite

A little heavier but nothing like a 10" tall boot. I think tennis shoes are ok for inspectors if you get brown ones. I tried that too but I slippery soles are not good on roofs

Kinda like these…