Good Idea

Just got back from a reinspect. Had a flat roof done and client wanted me to check it out. Anyway, on first inspection, there was alot of moisture built up in the insulation of garage ceiling. They had plastic over the insulation also. the plastic was basically holding all this water in there, instead of it dripping out. Homeowner said her husband put the plastic up recently so it didn’t drip on new truck. She asked me to poke a hole in the plastic and see how much more water was in there. I said no thank you. My question is where did he get this idea in the first place? I told her that they should remove this insulation now and have it replaced, because water plus insulation usually equals mold. She said yeah thats another reason for the plastic. To keep the mold in there. WOW. The mold guy is coming out tomorrow to check the garage and attic. I just couldn’t belive how some people just don’t understand basic elementary school science.

sweet…gotta love it …lol

We will always be employed huh?

Are you sure it is a good business practice to reinspect a roof repair/repacement? Your errors & omissions insurance will not protect you if there is a problem with the roof. Insurance protection does not apply to reinspected items. Just a FYI.