Roof Program #2

Did a job tonight.
Issue#1: owner had style/color no longer avail. He did have a small stack sitting in garage. What do we do if owner does not have what is no longer avail?
Issue #2: The shingles above what I needed to remove for sample were so brittle that they cracked while I lifted to extract. Do we still extract even though we may damage what we are not replacing? I think Nick, Ben and OC should explore some option. All we need is a touchy owner going ballistic on us. Maybe more extensive photos in lieu of sample in some instances.

Agree, did one Monday night that was only a yr old with nylon nailing strip that did not want to release, actually ripped shingle above, ended up replacing several shingles and ripped one again (sealed up were it wont leak)
Customer will be upset when he goes up and looks, this one is perfect for pics only.
You could see were ridge cap was bubbling in the heat and spots all over roof that the granules have released and you could asphalt base

What’s the biggie? If they have a valid claim, it will all be replaced anyway. If not, it still needs to be replaced. It’s just a matter of who is going to pay!