Goodman High Efficiency Furnace vent pipes

The PVC vent pipes seem a bit long, with an exhaust about 15 ’ long running outside the building envelope under the front porch and a 10’ inlet pipe partially buried, yes under ground and also under the same front porch. Does anyone have any thoughts on the problems with
this ? Pic. 1 is the furnace, Pic. 2 is the inlet pipe, Pic. 3 is the buried inlet pipe, Pic. 4 is the exhaust pipe and Pic. 5 is the exhaust (without insulation) running under the porch.

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The manufacturer should have the recommended lengths on their website

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Thanks Dennis .

Dennis is right on the lengths. Also be sure to check the slope of the exhaust and neither the exhaust or the inlet have screened covers. I generally call that out because of the potential for clogging by pests. Not sure about a partially burying the inlet, but you can’t see if any of the joints are loose. Just call out what you see and, “… Installation doesn’t appear to meet industry standards. Recommend licensed HVAC professional evaluate and make repairs as needed.”

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What makes it seem so long?

What insulation do we seem to want on flue vent pipes?

It seems to me that the condensate pipes are FUBAR. Seems like a radon circulation device to to me, but it may just seem that way in the picture.