Goofy NHIE asks questions well outside of the SOP of a home inspection.

Lawn Irrigation Systems?

Pool and Spa Systems?

Common Permanently Installed Kitchen Appliances?

Nick, What is up with this?
I have not taken my national exam as of yet. Should I be studying up on those topics? I guess the answer may depend on if I want to pass or not.

The NHIE is free to be goofy. We are filing a lawsuit against licensing board members who used their positions of power to harm individual Americans by voting to require them to pass such a goofy exam to keep their livelihood. The Cohen boys smell class action.

Harry be prepared…Irregardless if you study countless hours for this exam either by going on-line with InterNACHI or more studying. The type of questions you think you are accustomed to will be so re-arranged by this firm who developed the test. The test is suppose to prove that you are competent is going out and provide the client a fair service. I personally took this exam not too long ago and before I took it. I paid $50.00 extra dollars to take their sample test which was a joke and waste of money. The sample test questions were not on the test itself. The NHIE is a joke and a fraud testing gimmick to loose potential good home inspectors. There are questions on this exam that are outside of the NACHI standards of practice, ASHI Standards of Practice and the volunteer State of Tennessee that is not on their respective Standards of Practice. So is this a general question of “Darn if you do or Darn if you don’t”? This test was developed out of Illinois and PSI out of Nevada is somewhere in this chain. Is this a fraud system. I personally believe so. Should we stand back and ignore this? I don’t think so.

I agree.

Hats off to the “Cohen Boys” If I can be of any help give me a call.

I will be getting a letter going tomorrow to my representative about the NHIE exam. I will also contact consumer affairs to file a complaint. I will send you a courtesy copy Nick.

Harry you must be in a state that does not require a test yet. In Tennessee we are unable to get a License until the exam is passed. A Class “C” lawsuit should be in order. Someone is getting kick-backs on this NHIE fee. A total investigation should be conducted. You can spend lot’s of money before you even get your license by not passing the NHIE. Take advantage of the courses offered by InterNACHI. My funding is running out.:frowning:

Gentlemen, thank you for the information. I think I will wait until I hear more

Excellent news. Excellent news.

Please keep us all up to date on the status of this.

I’ve heard this all before.

NACHI had the opportunity years back to truly offer a proctored setting. gerry had it ready. I also suggested more then rhetoric regarding a pedigreeddetermination as to whether the NHIE was really psychometrically valid. Nothing. I encouraged NACHI to have our exam validated as psychometrically valid. Deaf ears.

So, we are where we are. This testing requirement is written into law in mant licensed states. I predict there will be no suit, and no change to existing policy relative to the exam.

We had a roadmap to put ourselves on an even footing with the NHIE. This would have provided the mode to invalidate that exam, while promoting ours.

We’re trying to close the barn doors after the horses have left.

InterNACHI’s entrance exam is psychometrically valid and there exists no one on the planet earth that can show it isn’t… and really no one competent enough in exam development to assess it on a professional level third party (hell, they can’t even grade it)… it is that far ahead of all other exams. It is years ahead in scoring. And anyone suggesting that there is some mysterious government agency out there that can make a “predetermination” as to whether an exam is valid or not, knows nothing of exam development.

As for whether or not the NHIE is psychometrically valid or not, I’ll leave that alone for a moment while I refer you to the document in post #1 of this thread showing a section of the exam asking questions about lawn sprinklers. Nuff said.

As for proctoring, InterNACHI’s entrance exam is used by many home inspection schools and Community Colleges and is the most proctored exam in the home inspection industry. It has also been administered online a couple hundred thousand times worldwide.

Comparing the goofy NHIE with its questions about lawn sprinklers, swimming pools, spas and toasters with the world’s largest inspection association’s superior exam is silly. No comparison.

We need to show it IS…

What is this based on?

So, are we saying that a question regarding lawn sprinklers somehow makes the exam not psychometrically valid?

I’ll highlight this part:

My point is that we cant PROVE any of what is claimed. This has hamstrung us for years now. For some reason, we protest and nothing gets altered. NACHI’s exam is still viewed as inferior, because we insist on ignoring a call, and duty to the members, to do what should have been done long ago.

We never did, and I suspect never will. As a result of that, we are now in sabre rattling mode, threatening class action lawsuits that will likely never happen. We are mature enough as an org to have professionally dealt with this several years ago.

Call it silly all you want. The NHIE is still recognized by most states for licensing, while ours isnt. Our suit must be based somehow on the premise that both exams are equal. Theirs was validated, while ours was not.

What will you say to the Judge when he asks why the worlds largest HI association refused to invest the time and money to have their exam validated by an outside expert?

We have shown that it is Joe. Where were you?


We have had this conversation several times.

Every time evidence for the validity of the INACHI test is asked for.

Every time, nothing is forthcoming.:roll:

Sorry, but unless things have changed, that’s the truth.

??? What “outside expert” could possibly evaluate our exam system?

InterNACHI’s exam is much, much more than merely being developed in accordance with accepted psychometric standards (which was simple), InterNACHI’s Online Inspector Examination has numerous built-in technologies developed by InterNACHI that makes it the industry’s best determinator of inspector competence, by far.

  InterNACHI's Online Inspector Examination was developed by InterNACHI over many years, measures competence in home inspectors based on the critical job components and delineated skill sets from Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, interviews, mock inspections, surveys, observations, group discussions, and data collected from some 430,000+ exams already taken.  With the industry's most popular exams, quizzes and online education, combined with its 255,000-page website and 500,000-post message board (both the largest in the industry), InterNACHI, the largest home inspection association in the world, collects and possesses more home inspection exam question/answer data and industry information than all other private and government entities combined.  

 Unlike other home inspection examinations that may use a panel of experts (if at all) to review and validate each question once, InterNACHI's Online Inspector Examination exploits its ongoing access to almost every expert in the field.  The questions/answers and any related performance issues stand the test of time under the industry scrutiny demonstrated in InterNACHI's message board, InterNACHI's open-to-all existing exams and quizzes, InterNACHI's online education, InterNACHI's exam prep tools, InterNACHI's expert trainers/educators, and InterNACHI's various professional committees.  

 In essence, everything the industry knows, every question ever asked to test that knowledge, and every right and wrong answer ever given to those questions are forever examined to verify technical accuracy and content validity.  Other existing home inspector examinations admit that their content is based solely on one old role delineation study.  Exploitation of InterNACHI's massive data collection abilities has permitted the build-up of a supplemental bank of psychometrically sound items (questions) that are rotated into the InterNACHI's Online Inspector Examination pool, replacing obsolete items with items of similar content and difficulty.  This is especially important in the inspection industry where the pool of items used in licensing exams is widely known and circulated.  The massive culling of this industry-wide data also provides a vast, published item reference in support of legal defensibility.  InterNACHI's exam system's built-in intelligence constantly and automatically calculates and recognizes absolutely everything from individual repeat improvement to overall industry knowledge trends. 

  InterNACHI's Online Inspector Examination was developed using a blueprint based largely on InterNACHI's Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, with test methodology based primarily on Standards for Education and Psychological Testing by the American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association, and the National Council on Measurement in Education.  InterNACHI's Online Inspector Examination also relies on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures, the National Commission for Certifying Agencies' Standards for Accreditation, and other applicable standards. 

You aren’t going to compare us to an exam that fails inspectors using questions about lawn sprinklers, are you?


Exactly what I expected:shock::roll:

And it is not just our exam that is ahead of all others… with the help of J.W. Wilson, our education systems have all been getting revamped to be the best in the world.

InterNACHI has to be the best at everything. It’s part of our culture.

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