Has any of you, especially from Virginia, taken the National Home Inspector Examination, and did any of you need more than the Study Guide to prepare for the exam. From what I gather, you can get a Study Guide, you can order Sample Questions, and you can order a Sample Test. I appreciate your input.

Ed DeRousse
Best Choice Home Inspections

Thanks Nick! So this exam is similar to the National Exam?

Thanks Nick! So this exam is similar to the National exam?

No. The NHIE is a bogus exam. We’re going to sue them. So if you fail, let me know.

I found it to be quite easy, what specifically makes it Bogus ?


It is flawed such that it passes exam takers who should fail and fails exam takers who should pass.

I’ll be interested to see that proven in court.
Can you provide an example?

We won’t be using examples to prove it.

That makes no sense and is improvable. I have yet to hear even 1 example of that rom anyone ever and I would bet I never will. In my opinion it is a minimalist exam and should be more difficult yet there are many here complaining they failed.


I just took it today in Richmond and passed. I went through the InterNachi online exam a couple of times and then went thru the whole Nachi State Standards Exam bank. Any of those I got wrong I wrote down and studied.

Good Luck.

I did the NACHI courses and practice test. The practice test will help a lot.

I agree. I took an AHIT class (two week class and some books) and read all the books a second time and passed the NHIE easily. I thought some of the questions were poorly structured/worded and some questions did not apply to my climate, but over-all I think if you can’t pass the test, you are not ready to inspect. I’m sorry if that hurts anyone’s feelings.