Google+ Why it is going to become necessary...

I’m comfortable using Facebook, but sometimes new changes get me confused.

Especially when I was building the Maple Trust Inspections Facebook Page which has been hanging around 70 likes forever. Our initial launch and like campaign got us close to 60. Months later, still stuck around 70.

No More Likes Rolling In, No Big Deal…

Sure more people, more exposure, if that’s where a large percentage of inspections come from, the more “likes” the better. But it’s not like Facebook is Google. I’m content just to have a “fleshed out” Facebook page.

But Google+ is Google.

And they are using lots of Google+ metrics in their search results. The Google Places pages are transitioning into Google+ pages. You will need to have one to rank better in search results.

I Built A Google+ Profile For Myself and A Google+ Page For My Home Inspection Business… What’s Next?

Imagine a potential local client searches for home inspection…

The more “followers” or people who have included you in their circles, the more likely you will be to appear in search results. Having “Circles” in common with potential clients, or “Circles” that overlap with “Circles” that potential clients are in, will help you rank when they search. Social validation at it’s finest.

So You Need To Get Into Big Circles with your Google+ Business Page

And here is one to start: Google+ Home Inspection Circle in the center of the circle is a link ADD CIRCLE You may want to add it to your personal page and your business page. Note: You need to be signed in to Google+ to do this.

Because of the new Google+ effect on search rankings, businesses are flocking to it. It will be easier to start growing your circles now, while followers seem to be reciprocating. Follow my Google+ St. Catharines home inspection business page, and I will reciprocate.:slight_smile:

I’m teaching a 2 hour class on Google+ in Vegas. Make sure you guys are there as it is extremely important!

Thanks for the reminder as I got around to clicking accept buttons the other night and one was a client from 2007 that was buying a new house that had me doing the inspection 2 days later on Tuesday…

Which day?

Monday. I’m doing 5 different, 2 hour classes. Make sure to attend them all :wink:

I can not wait!


The circle is growing.

I’ve just got to get to Vegas more. Thanks for the invite Dom. I just followed your Home Inspector Pro Google+ page and gave it your 87th +1. Great Job!