Google+ Thread 2015

Hello everyone!

Google Plus is a key component to boost your ranking in Google - they want to beat Facebook so they reward you with SEO ranking.

  1. Open all these links below: :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Follow the inspector & like a few postings :slight_smile:

  3. Post a link to your Google Plus page :twisted: I’ll add you to this list!

Go through each link of your fellow InterNACHI inspectors - follow & +1 a bunch of posts:

It is a community! Pass it on!

Thanks and good luck!!


got you

Got you back!

Got ya both

Does this really work?

Takes time to do all this and Goggle is always changing things, I was wondering if its worth it.

I hit a lot of everybody’s posts.

Its free! That’s gotta be worth something.

You have no SM links on your site Paul, from what I’ve heard it does help.

Caught up.

What’s an SM link?

Don’t do it Paul. It’s doubtful that it will work for you.

SM = social media

IMHO, if you are not on google+, you might as well hang up a going out of business sign.

Granted, I think G+ is the least user friendly, most confusing, and lamest of all the social media platforms, but it’s owned by google. And it’s free to use.

So as Nike says, Just Do It.

No, not as much as some think. All that is being done in this thread is building a (friendship) network.

What works, is placing a Google+ button on EVERY PAGE of your website, and having everyone click the button on EVERY PAGE of your website.

Ever notice on Google searches you see some results with the Google+ links and often pics of those links? That is the result of clicking the button on websites. Every click on EACH PAGE is a vote for EACH PAGE THAT IS CLICKED by the consumer viewing EACH PAGE! In effect, EACH PAGE that is clicked, will return results higher than those not clicked. This has been stated many times on this and other MB’s, but many just refuse to install the buttons for best effect… ON EVERY PAGE of their websites.

Somewhere on this MB is complete instructions from Dominic and others as to how to do this.

Now, with that being said, it certainly won’t hurt to do what this thread is stating to do, and it won’t hurt to tie in “SM” links to your site, BUT… these do not have the SEO juice that many believe. Google is too smart for those tactics. Bottom line is… they want QUALITY sites that people actually go and spend time on. When these visitors vote on a websites page by clicking the Google+ button, they are saying they approve of THAT PAGE, not the entire website that page is contained in.

I’m caught up - here is mine:

Thanks for the advice Frank.

I have been going to a lot of networking for entrepreneurs meetings, and social media is becoming the new handshake. I just created my google+

I have everyone here.

gotcha Jeff & Jay

Social media