Got a call from Millennium Information Services today

I got a call today from Millennium information services today, totally out of left field. Best I can figure I sent or filled out an application with them late 2014 or early 2015, did not even remember who they were or what they did.

So they do insurance industry home inspections I come to find out. Anybody have experience with them at all? I am not in the inspection business and never have been, I run an online sales small business but at the time I was looking to get a foot in the home inspection business. Nothing is intriguing me with this company and the pay is, uhhh, hardly to be believed.

Any thoughts?

Did about 1000 inspections for them back in the day. Compared to what you can make doing real estate home inspections, the fees suck, but at the time, their fees were the best out there for insurance inspections and you’re covered by their insurance.

Its a nice way to get your feet wet if you have no inspection and/or construction experience. They train you in what they want inspected and you learn more as you do more of their inspections.

The best thing you get from doing these inspections is leaning how to interact and schedule appointments with clients, how to improve your time management skills, and other inspection related skill.

You’ll also learn quickly how to follow directions and get into a routine because all the reports have specific things you need to inspect and take photos of and if you miss something, you have to reschedule and go back on your dime.

Thank you Stephen, appreciate your thoughts!