meeker industries-70 $ mitigation

numerous guys are springing up offering insurance inspections for dirt cheap. Many of whom are not trained and or experienced to perform them correctly. They are fly by night and are driving down the cost. It is my opinion that insurance inspections will soon all cost 50 or less and an inspector will earn 10 an hour, thanks to people like meeker.

Why dont you have a web site?

florida insurance inspections

we have a

website should be listed on your profile

your pricing structure is not much better. Not worth it to turn on my truck for $75.00 or $90.00.

I think he is an appraiser try to fill in the gaps with low ball pricing

no-im not an appraiser im a g.c performing insurance inspections. we have been in business quite some time and have a large client base. The price keeps dropping, so we have to continuously come down as well. i wouldnt fire the truck up for 75-90 either but we schedule them pretty close and each inspector usually does 10-15 a day. so its still viable… havent you noticed people performing home inspections for 150$, mitigations for $50, appraisals for $150. This seems to be the trend

The appraisal pricing on your web is confusing me then, sorry

I still get $150 for 4 points and $150 for wind mits, And yes I get those calls where they say “but my agent told me it would be…” or “Well here in Jacksonville we get them done for $50” and my response is " so your guy can come all the way down here do the inspection and go back for $50.00, he is a better businessman than I am, you are lucky to have him"
That was an actual response once and the reply was well he is booked this week and can’t come.
You can’t fix stupid

im glad your getting top price, how many do you do a week?


I am curious, how long does each inspection take. At 30 minutes an inspection that is a comlete 8 hour day for 15 inspections. That does not include any drive time, bathroom breaks, or lunch. That seems quite impossible to do.

FYI - I am in Miami and I still get $150.00 for them

how many?

we charge 150$ for windstorm inspections as well, but many other people charge 90 and less, some 70. 15 inspections is along day, but like i said, they are usually 5 min away from eachother. Listen, i wasn’t trying to start a back and forth debate about the whole gig, just simply state what i am seeing in the industry- which is people are charging less and less everyday, including home inspections, which you can get for 150-200$

Do many people really check on their “Competition” this much? I have no idea what others in my area charge. I get a rough idea. But if people want this, then let em have it. This is why the make $10,000 cars and they make $100,000 cars…if people want cheap, I encourage them to use others. I give them companies I know cost less from what others tell me. I mean your only spending a few hundred thousand dollars…the inspection is the best area to save money (sarcastic). I mean you only have one chance to get it right…there have been several times after someone trying to low ball me that I REFUSE to do their inspection at any cost. Funny how low ballers are the ones who complain the most…5% of your customers will take up 90% of your time…

The only problem with that is people do not know the difference. After all, a wind mit is a wind mit. Everyone doing them should know how to do them. Same thing with a 4-point or home inspection. Most of our clients are not educated and in todays market, only buy by price and not value. Only after they encounter a problem do they wake up and realize that they did not get a good job. You can talk to clients until you are blue in the face and they still will take the guy who is $10.00 cheaper. As checking on our competition, we don’t need to. Our prospective clients remind us every day what the other guy is charging.

well put bill

You are 100% right!

I just read a post complaining about contractors in Ca doing inspections, being a contractor/inspector I see from both sides of the fence. I see contractors doing inspections wrong, I see inspectors doing them wrong. I see builders not building right and ripping off the customers. I see code inspectors missing, skipping and failing the wrong stuff. After the day is done, what get me the most is the guy that says he knows and does not. Who thinks he knows and does not. I redo inspections, wind mits and four points EVERYDAY, because some “inspector” did it wrong or was never qualified to do it in the first place. This only make the customer mad and then they bad mouth the inspector(after the fact). Home inspectors or contractors need to learn to properly do them and be completely qualified before doing them. Making assumptions only makes you look bad and brings down the whole industry. Nachi has great vast resources, we need to use them to help each other, and help the insustry or Home inspectors will always be thought of has a guy with a truck, flashlight and a ladder.

Just had one of those $70 inspectors out to an inspection yesterday in Pompano. Sorry I did not get his name. Put down on the report that the house has straps. There is not a strap to be seen anywhere in the attic. Client saved $30 bucks (I would have charged him $100 with the home inspection). Wish there was a way to report these guys.

I did one a wind inspection today and the ho had the roof portion filled out by the roofing contractor for free. The roofer gave them straps and swr… I could not find any straps in attic, or on the contract/permit docs, nor was there any mention of any swr or any application which meets the criteria… I’m starting to think this whole racket is mickey mouse.