Got my first "lowballer" IR inspection today

It’s a “new” 5 bedroom, 4 bath house and the buyer wants thermal as well. I quoted $425 (which is actually too low), we had the inspection scheduled for Sat, even talked with the builder and sales team about meeting them on Sat. morning. The buyer gets back to me and says he has a quote for $300 :shock: (including IR), he then asks me if I would do it for $300, in a polite way I told him no - $425 is low already.

Told him to have a pleasant day and call me if he has questions in the future.

I’m really starting to like the commercial over the residential - no d!cking around when I’m dealing with the commercial clients.

I did some commercial IR last night from 6-9:30p and made $625 with no report, that’s what I like!

Hey Brian - when you say “no report” what did you do? Walk around with the building super and give him a verbal? He took notes, etc? That is intriguing. Can you elaborate? Gracias hombre…

That’s pretty much it, I’m working with the building super, building engineer and some of the maint. staff to pinpoint areas of concern. In some cases it’s more than using the IR, a little investigative work, pulling out the borescope to identify things.

I’ll be back up there at 10am this morning.

Here’s some of the problem that we are working to eliminate.

This was taken during mold remediation.