IR Realtor Presentation

Anyone have a good 5 minute infrared presentation (non-Powerpoint) they would like to share for an upcoming Realtor sales meeting? I’m just looking for some good talking points and ways of letting the agents know that infrared won’t kill their deal. Thanks for any help anyone may have.

I don’t know how you will get around that one.

Maybe you should focus on them not getting sued from a latent defect that may not surface for a while after closing.

Thanks David. This is something that I have continued to come across when selling agents on this service. After they try it, they love it and it is no longer an issue.

I get all kinds of referrals to their sellers on pre-listing inspections.

A couple of days ago I talked with a Realtor that I have used when buying and selling houses. Told him that I am now a Home Inspector. He was very excited because he knows that I know my stuff. When I told him that I am also doing IR scans and what I can find his words were “Is that not going to Kill deals”. I explained to him that if he wants the best for the client (like I do) then if we kill a deal the client is still going to buy from you.

  1. We can find moisture. Moisture is the breading ground for mold. When there is mold in the house people get sick. Then there is renovation cost and more importantly cost to return your health to normal. If we save our client this hassle they will LOVE us and use us more.
  2. We can find heat loss. With the rising cost of heating you home you want to know if the house you are buying is insulated and sealed. **If we save our client money they will refer you and use you in the future. **

Bottom line is the home inspection industry is turning to Thermal Imaging. If you (Realtors) want the **best **for your client you WILL recommend a Thermal Imaging scan for your client.

My Realtor is still my Friend

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Bottom line for the Realtor is “Do you want to list this house in five years when your client moves and buys another house from you”?!

Bottom line for the Realtor is “Do you want to list this house in five years when your client moves and buys another house from you”?!

That is a good line David. I will have to remember it.


Honestly it is not just a line. Most Realtors I “Select” to work with have this opinion. They grab my list of descrepencies by the horns and “Get-er-done”!

Inspectors don’t kill deals , it’s all the problems that a good inspection reveals about a home that kills the deal.

It’s like asking a used car salesman if he would like to see your knew
tool that reveals all kinds of hidden defects in a car he wants to sell.
It would be rare to find one that would like that kind of tool.

I am going to a realtors office on Wednesday for an Infrared Thermal Imaging Presentation. The broker invited me after i pulled out the camera a week ago during an inspection. Most of the agents have referred me since last year.
Now that I have my Level I Certification and camera, I can’t wait to use the above lines.

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the great feedback.


Realtors need to loose their fear of IR.
It is coming and it would be good to learn
how to deal with it.

It’s the old the glass is half empty or have full position with a twist.
Initially, there will be mushroom cloud and fallout, and when the sky is clear, a rainbow with a pot of gold will appear. I intend to get plenty of pots of gold.