Got these today

You know, for my reports.:mrgreen:


Do they go in the dish full of candy?:wink:

That way if the realtor doesn’t like the report they can change it!!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Yes. It’s a subliminal message

What, that you are flexible? :stuck_out_tongue:

Its more about my reports:mrgreen:

Good luck.

Those have been recalled…didn’t you know?

DOH! :mrgreen:

Did you get some of these too?

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Linas I can’t see what you write :slight_smile:

I know little one.:stuck_out_tongue:

Those are no good for good ole fashion pencil fights.

It would be cheating like using the good ole HUSKY pencil.

If you were a pencil fighter you remember them :smiley:

Lol what the heck are you talking about

Back in middle school we used to pencil fight.

One guy would grip his pencil one hand on each end.

The other guy would use his penciland try to break the other guys pencil. it was quite fun.

A husky pencil was about as big as a construction crayon and no one would fight you if you had one of them.

Haha. Well these are for loving not for fighting

For your fun and knowledge :slight_smile:

It really was great fun. I’ll have to teach my little one.

Remember another before and after school game call butts up?

Mike, remember you got disqualified if you missed the pencil and hit a knuckle …:)… Sometimes it was just worth being the looser…—>>

Yes it was :slight_smile:

Yep loosing does not always suck.
Sometimes it can make you grin and laugh.